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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Veteran's Group Formed To Eliminate the Veteran's Administration

Washington, DC, USA (April 10 2014) -
 An organization has been formed to eliminate the Veteran's Administration (VA). The organization Veteran's Against The Veteran's Administration (VAVA) alleges that the VA is responsible for all the ills plaguing former military service members. VAVA specifically cites the uptick in veteran mass shootings, suicide, health, and financial issues as having their origin in basic modus operandi of the VA. The VAVA refers to the VA as a "bureaucratic welfare" system that provides virtually no beneficial service to veterans, and in fact is responsible for all the ills that effect former service personnel.
In a series of press releases in 2013, the organization warned that a strong trend was developing among veterans as mass shooters. The report on which the releases were based, were reviewed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over a dozen times. The report warns that veteran shooters like those involved recent Ft. Hood and Washington DC Navy Ship Yard incidents are a small example of what's to come in the very near future if the VA is not abolished (http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/25/us/washington-navy-yard-investigation). The VAVA cites personal experiences and confidential information that proves the veteran shooters will trend towards attacking primarily civilian targets such as malls, schools, and public places with devastating effect.
The VAVA calls for several changes that will eliminate the VA while providing the best medical care for veterans while ending the prolonged waiting period for veteran's receiving their benefits. Among the recommendations are to have private insurance companies in conjunction with Apple, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to develop a system in which veterans receive compensation the day they leave service. The plan also calls for most veteran's to be" bought out" of the VA system with a lump sum payment for injuries rather than receive life time benefits consisting of extremely small amounts. The plan further calls for all veterans to be given insurance under the President Obama's new healthcare act, which would remove most veteran's out of the system due to the severe increase in quality care from civilian medical facilities. The VAVA cites the reforms as leading to hundreds of billions in savings to the American taxpayer while efficiently returning veterans to a normal civilian lifestyle.
The VAVA has also developed a series of slogans to explain the plight of veterans such as "if you want to thank me for my service, eliminate the VA," the VA is to veteran's health what a lead brick is to aerodynamic flight," and "the VA-worse than the enemy we faced on the battle field." The primary slogan is "THE VA IS A TYPEWRITER IN AN APPLE AND GOOGLE WORLD." The VAVA was formed after its founder had an issue with the VA that was addressed by United States Senator Richard Burr. This incident and one other incident led the founder to the conclusion that the only way to provide proper care to veteran's was to privatize veteran services and health care, and eliminate the Veteran's Administration as was recommended in the 1980's.

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