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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Please show support for Terrance Bowman-Taylor

we are asking people to call email the North Carolina Medical Board contact details below 

NORTH CAROLINA MEDICAL BOARD Attn: Judie Clark PO Box 20007, Raleigh, NC 27619 Complaint Department Telephone Numbers (919) 326-1109 or 1-800 253-9653, Extension 236, 232 or 261 E-mail: complaints@ncmedboard.org

Terrance Bowman-Taylor update
Terrance's pinched nerve problem in his lumbar spine caused his leg to give out while he was standing on 3/17/14. He collapsed on his right ankle & foot, chipping & fracturing bones in his ankle (see x-rays of 4/2/14). Nothing is being done about his back & ankle injury. They won't even do a M.R.I. on it. He's developed dextroscoliosis of his thoracic spine (curved to the right). He has cervical spinal canal stenosis & cervical radiculopathy. He's constantly in pain all of the time. Nothing is being done to help him. (MRI's of 9/27/13, 9/30/13, and x-rays of 2/6/14 (chest & spine). Please help before it's too late.

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