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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Davontae Sanford: Day 2

Davontae Sanford: Day 2 In the Life of An Innocent Kid. At the time of Davontae’s ill-advised plea allocution in which he provided a factual basis for pleading guilty to the four murders on Runyon Street in 2007, the prosecutor and his trial attorney at that time induced Davontae to plead guilty to the murders based largely in part to a bogus confession he provided Detroit Police, but which contained factual details of the crime scene that the interrogating officer inserted into the statement. However, as crooked as that cop was, he neglected to add important details in Davontae’s confession that only Vincent Smothers one month later was able to provide in his unadulterated confession. Of particular note are the following glaring inaccuracies and/or omissions from Davontae’s confession compared to Smothers. First, and most importantly, Davontae in his confession stated he used a Mini-14 gun in the killings while one of his accomplices used a .45. Smothers, however, in confessing to the same murders, identified an AK47 and a .45, and even led Detroit Police to the murder weapons! True enough, when those guns were tested, they matched the bullets and casings found at the crime scene. No Mini-14 bullets or casings were found. Second, Davontae also identified four accomplices who allegedly helped him carry out the murders – none of whom were Vincent Smothers. Interestingly, however, the prosecutor never charged either of those four accomplices after learning their alibi claims stood up (one was out of state at the time of the murders). Smothers, however, in his confession identified someone other than Davontae as helping him carry out the murders – fellow hitman Nemo Davis, in whose home Detroit Police found the murder weapons. Smothers did not mention Davontae in his confession. Naturally, since they never knew each other. Third, conspicuously missing from Davontae’s confession is any reference to a six year old boy who survived the killing and who was in a back bedroom, while Smothers, on the other hand, in his statement spoke about the six year old boy and a female adult who were in that back bedroom. Fourth, Davontae in his confession states that when he and the other four accomplices got out of a car, they immediately started “bustin at the house.” Smothers, in his confession, gave details that contradicted that claim. Smothers stated that the barrage of gunfire began after a knock on the door and someone opened the front door – a fact that was corroborated by the physical evidence at the scene. Fifth, the female woman who survived the killing also identified only two people she could hear in the house at the time. Her testimony corroborated Smothers’ confession that one and only one person helped him carry out the murders – Nemo Davis. Her testimony further showed how unreliable and bogus Davontae’s confession was. Davonte said four other people helped him carry out the murders. Well, why didn’t the woman in the house hear four people on the inside. Last but not least, Smothers also stated that he and Nemo Davis took money and garbage bags filled with marijuana from the basement of the home – again, another detail that was missing in Davontae’s confession. This too was corroborated by the woman in the home who survived the shooting – she testified she heard someone go down to the basement, come back up and said something to the effect of “we got the shit, let’s go.” This is the kind of prosecutor we have in Wayne County who, thanks to her overzealousness and arrogance in failing to admit her wrongs, a killer named Nemo Davis still walks the streets of Detroit today. Then theres the big question to this day that Worthys office has not been able to answer: Davontae was interviewed at least twice by Detroit Police. However only one session was audio video recorded in violation of the citys consent decree with the federal government. Why? I will let you all think about that. Worthy and her supporters are accomplices to murder! Hell waits for her. Tomorrow: Smothers and Nemos connection to the former mayor of Detroit.

Roberto Guzman

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