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Monday, 21 April 2014


Speaking to women and girls about domestic violence, listening to their stories as they share never seems to amaze me. As the conversation began to focus more on why we were all meeting (to discuss domestic violence) I began to hear women speak about their reasoning and tolerance for domestic violence. “He didn't hit me that hard”, “It was not big deal, I just punched him back in his face”, “He only hit me four times”, And the one that tore my heart apart, “Well, he didn't like bust my lip or anything like that-He just choked me.” Domestic violence does not discriminate. It’s not something that just plaque one community. Although some cultures and house holes handle it differently. Some people view violence differently and they put a meter on it.
This is why it is absolutely necessary to bring and to continue to bring awareness to domestic violence. It exist and we are ignoring it or pretending it is not what it is. It is abuse period, no matter how hard the hit was. No matter if blood was drawn. I have to attest to the ways people view violence as well. I've experienced run-ins with The Cleveland Police Department where I too was told, they usually gage a situation by if they see blood or not. That was sad to hear, especially from a woman on the police force. While we teach and educate about domestic violence, we need to protect our sisters, mothers and daughters by bringing a constant awareness, so that together we can find tools and resources available in the community that will assist in bringing an end to domestic violence.
Bringing awareness to domestic violence can sometimes materialize through a personal story shared by someone close to you, such as family member or friend; someone you just met and are getting to know or even a total stranger. For some, it’s hard to believe and for others it’s hard to acknowledge. Domestic violence is often times seen portrayed on lifetime television shows or programming such as snapped will depict situations where domestic violence was present. While it’s glamorized or downplayed in some instances by jokes and comedians; it’s no joking matter when you have actually experienced it for yourself.

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