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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

UK benefit cuts to affect the disabled

The famous boast of Britain's welfare state was that people would be looked after, from the 'cradle to the grave', yet the proposed cuts by the government may have a detrimental effect on those who need them the most.

The Broadhead family, made up of Matthew, Dominic, and their mother Lisa, who is suffering from an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis, are currently living off toast.

Matthew has to prove to the government that he works 35 hours a week caring for his mother in order to receive the grand total of $75 a week to live on.

Al Jazeera's Laurence Lee reports from Leeds, United Kingdom.






Free All Political Prisoners!


Rebuilding Our Prisons

California's Deuel Vocational Institution is a state run prison that's long overdue for a makeover.

Terrance Bowman-Taylor Medical Updates

Medical Updates “January 21, 2012”

After 4 years Terrance was finally taken off of solitary confinement but his health continues to fail. Dr. Paula Smith—Chief of Medical Services is Dr. Clifford Curtis boss and can order him to send Mr. Taylor to a neurosurgeon for tests and seek treatments.

On 1-4-12 Dr. Clifford Curtis informed Terrance that he was going to order flexural and for the 3rd time Terrance was lied too; the doctor never ordered the medication.

Terrance was recently sent for lab work to check the status of his thyroids; without explaining the results to Terrance; Dr. Curtis increased his medication “Synthroid” from 100 mg to 112 mg. This medication is to be taken on an empty stomach and Dr. Curtis has instructed the nurse that passes out the medication to give Terrance the Synthroid after he eats.

What are the test results of Terrance thyroids and why has his medication increase? On different occasions Terrance was told that nothing was wrong; graves disease; something had grown inside of his thyroid glands that rendered it dead (proved on ultrasound) and now Terrance is being given Synthroid with an increase.

This is the result from Dr. Joseph Lightsey NOT treating Terrance properly. Answering questions DOES NOT involves treatments; passing out medication without seeing Terrance is NOT considered treating him plus that’s UNLAWFUL.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Alex Takes Calls on The Globalist Rain of Terror on Society 1/3

Alex covers the latest news, including the latest forays against the Second Amendment in New Jersey, fast moving events in the war against Iran and Syria, and the latest GOP election shenanigans. Alex also takes your calls.

Danny Glover on the Cuban 5

Danny Glover discuses the case of the Cuban 5. Cuban intelligence dispatched 5 agents to the US to monitor, report back and impede terrorist actions intended against Cuba.

Danny Glover habla del caso de los 5 Cubanos. La inteligencia cubana envió 5 agentes a los EEUU para vigilar, informar a Cuba e impedir acciones terroristas planeadas contra Cuba

Sunday, 29 January 2012


CAUTION: Some content may be offensive. Our hope is you'll get mad enough to do something. The reason we post that disclaimer is for stories like this. Carolynn's is not an easy story to watch. But it's an important story that must be shared.

Carolynn is homeless living on the mean streets for Detroit. She claimed to be the mother of Malice Green [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malice_Green] Malice Green died while in police custody after being arrested by Detroit police.

Carolynn says she's been homeless by choice for over two years, but if you really listen, what she really mean is that life on the streets is better than being with her family.

Please don't judge Carolynn. I cannot even imagine the hard life she has had. Homelessness is very complex, and much of the madness from homelessness comes from the socioeconomic crisis going on in America's inner-cites like Detroit.

Through all the hardness what I heard from Carolynn was a woman screaming to be loved.

See http://flic.kr/p/bkFuUP

Special thanks to Kristine Diven and Bruce Giffin http://thefaceofdetroit.com

// more stories http://invisiblepeople.tv


I’m sure many of you will have heard of Max Keiser, popular and controversial presenter of the ‘Keiser Report’ on RT (Formerly Russia Today TV)? He has a ‘Crowd Funding’ site to help film projects. Pie and Mash Films are asking our great supporters to consider sending a ‘share’ towards the production costs to complete Parts 2 & 3 of THE TRAGEDIES OF BROWN & THATCHER. All shares are priced at approx *£3.20 ($5 USD), people can reserve up to 5 shares approx £15.90 ($25 USD) with 1 share being the minimum.

Although the footage has been filmed we require £3,180 ($5,000) for completion costs. It looks like Max Keiser has started the ball rolling with his own contribution for 5 shares which is great! All shareholders receive a credit on the finished project. So if we can get 1000 contributions of $5 (the system is set up for dollars!) from around the globe, you will all be a part of this important 3-part documentary to assist these parents get their tragic and ‘unjust’ story out to the masses and to help inform future potential victims of UK Social Services catastrophic failings.

Just click on this link and pledge your share: http://www.piratemyfilm.com/projects/315  As we understand it, funds will not be released to Pie and Mash Films until the full amount is pledged. - We’re new to this so if you have any problems please let us know and we’ll get in touch with Max. As you can appreciate, in this time of economic hardship it is difficult to find funds for our independent citizen media productions. If this system works, it will enable Pie and Mash Films to continue to produce films for free viewing and so spread the word to a wide and global audience.

Please watch part one of THE TRAGEDIES OF BROWN & THATCHER on YouTube and if you’re inspired to help pledge your share here: http://www.piratemyfilm.com/projects/315


* More info on Max Keiser: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Keiser
* At exchange rate dated 29 Jan 2012.
Help us complete the Tragedies of Brown & Thatcher

HELP SAVE UK Student Richard O'Dwyer, WE DID IT! We Are #1 Question for ...

The Obama Question: http://www.youtube.com/whitehouse
The Petition to Sign: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/stop-extradition-fair-uk-trial-for-richar...
Richartd's Mum's Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/jrodwyer
His Mum's Blog: http://juliasblog-the-fight-of-our-lives.blogspot.com/
Julia O'Dwyer's Google+ https://plus.google.com/106787758193872071568/posts

We overcome the odds in our lives

We overcome the odds in our lives, we rise above the challenges, we defeat fear and gain victory when we believe in ourselves, when we refuse to give up hope, when we let the power of faith guide us, when we see what can be and see beyond the surface of what others see, when we tell ourselves we can, and when we dare to be ourselves as we make our own comebacks in life and begin to see that we are the most amazing beautiful miracle there is within the miracle of life around us because we've survived, we've overcome, and now we're here, achieving what others said we couldn't do and what others thought impossible. -Jenna Kandyce Linch

Hollie Greig

http://www.holliedemandsjustice.org/ Hollies official site
http://truthseeker444.blogspot.com/2011/10/hollie-anne-greig.html Link to my blog with further details of Hollie & Anne.
Anne and Hollie Greig need your help and support. I have just published this blog detailing as much as I am legally permitted, the latest in Hollie and Anne story. New photographs have been published with the kind permission of Anne and Hollie. Now more than ever Hollie and Anne need our support. Please share far and wide.

My facebook Hollie group.
Hollie Greig is a young Scottish Lady who has Downs Syndrome.
From the age of 6-20, Hollie was repeatedly raped by a gang of paedophiles in Aberdeen. Her father started the abuse, she was then shared with an establishment paedophile ring, which included a social worker, head master, serving police man and Sheriff (Judge).

Hollies Dad told her he would kill her much loved dog if she told anyone. When Hollie turned 20 a situation developed where she was forced to tell her Mum.
Her Mum then took her to the police.
At first Hollie just told her Mum about her Father and brother raping her,(Her brother was himself abused) but over the following couple of months she re-capped all of her abuse.
The police briefly questioned her brother and father, made them tea, apologised for bringing them in, then released them.
To date none of her establishment abusers have even been questioned.

Shortly after Anne made her report to the police,ten people came to their flat, outside the flat in view of all her neighbours, they threw her to the ground, pulled down her trousers and pants, and injected her. She woke up in a psychiatric unit! They tried to label her paranoid schizophrenic.
During her time in the unit, she was advised to do all they asked, which she did, and was quickly released. On her release she had herself examined by one of Scotland's top psychiatrists, who deemed her perfectly sane. That was in 2000, to date the order to section Anne has not been found!

The harassment of Anne and Hollie became so bad, they had to flee their home, they moved to Shropshire in England. In 2007 Robert Green became involved with the two ladies and their quest for justice.
The abuse and harassment of all three would be much to long to detail here. But for his trouble Robert has been repeatedly arrested, his home raided and jailed! Anne and Hollies home has also been raided, and they have been attacked and victimised by many government agencies!
The paedophile ring that abuse Hollie have very long tentacles, which reach all the way through the UK establishment.

Throughout Hollies quest for justice, her abusers have continued abusing children, Grampian police have never even questioned them. Hollie named other children who were also abused by the same paedophile ring, they have not been questioned either.

Downs syndrome children do not have the ability to fabric lengthy complex stories, coupled with that, they have a wonderful memory, and can remember the most minute details of things that have happened them.
Hollie was awarded £13500 for her injuries, from the abuse. The investigating police man who assessed her claims and medical evidence for the criminal injuries board, deemed Hollie a very reliable and honest witness.
The complexities of this case are too lengthy to detail here, or in a short vid, to hear Robert Green outline most of the case visit these links on You Tube.

This is Robert's most recent talk about Hollie

And the link for Hollies official web site is posted at the top of this page.
I admin the Facebook group Support for Hollie Greig and Robert Green.
Please join one of the groups, and show your support for their quest for justice.

If you ask Hollie why she keeps on with her quest for justice, she will tell you "To protect all the other boys and girls"
Sandra Barr
Backing track Aretha Franklin "Say A Little Prayer"


BLACK & LATINO AIDS COALITION: http://www.myspace.com/blac_ny

Friday, 27 January 2012

Pay To Pray - Bill Maloney talks more than just Banks at St Pauls

Bill Maloney (in the race for London Mayor 2012) talks more than just banks with protesters at the St Pauls Peace Camp.
Included interviews with Dame Vivienne Westwood; Commonly Known As Dom and Tammy Samede amongst other courageous protesters who are helping to bring about change for us all.

If you would like to help Pie and Mash Films continue to bring you the truth from the streets please make a donation to: http://www.pienmashfilms.com/page18.htm

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

JFK tapes reveal final days of presidency

The Kennedy Library released White House audiotapes recorded in 1963 giving a fascinating new insight into the last three months of his presidency. Bill Plante reports.

'SOPA power abuse: Copyright monopoly vs human rights'

Washington is working flat out to get its hands on alleged copyright violators both at home and abroad. The founder of file-swapping website MegaUpload was arrested in New Zealand last week and could face extradition to the U.S. Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, believes the anti-piracy bills being pushed through Congress, will violate basic human rights.

Manifesto 'taster'

• To make alcohol and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and the Government responsible for the cost of medical services, rehabilitation and support of London citizens who are dependent on their alcohol and pharmaceutical products.
• To provide free sanitary products for all female London citizens.
• Introduce voluntary independent monitor groups drawn from the public to conduct unannounced inspections on all borough care homes both public and private to check on the health and welfare of their residents. These would include: Foster homes, Child care homes, Nursing and Care homes for the elderly and Young offenders institutions.
• The Department of Health has powers to sanction firms profiteering from drug sales. Millionaire drug manufacturers have raised the price of widely used prescription drugs by 1000%. Investigate sources of pharmaceutical supplies to London Hospitals/GP practices & pharmacies. Pressure must be put on to reduce the massive profits of drug manufacturers.
• Hospital Parking: Introduce a Ward Parking Token system to park free or at a largely reduced daily rate for immediate relatives or appointed partners who are visiting seriously ill loved-ones.
• Routes for easier access to holistic treatments should be explored.

one voice that dares to be heard and be that person who dares to stand up

There are no such things as lost causes because as long as someone believes in it and is willing to stand up for it and fight for it, then it's not lost! It takes one person to step up and speak out, to break that silence and believe in what they are one voice that dares to be heard and be that person who dares to stand up in the face of adversity; be the person who says "I can" when others say "I can't" and show them it's possible when they say it' doing to ignite that spark of change in the world as they create an impact on the lives of those around them. Be that s impossible. -Jenna Kandyce Linch

What bothers us about this case!!

The friend that was visiing the mobile home on the night of February 4th and left shortly before Joshua Davis was discovered missing. He reportedly gave conflicting stories about the night and refused to take a polygraph exam.

Why aren't police going after this guy??
by: Peasintheirpods Children


Franklin Deese Channel 9 Interview widescreen

Community Activist Merlin Emanuel reacts to PressTV ban

Monday, 23 January 2012

Rand Paul Detained By TSA Over Pat-Down Standoff

Senator misses flight to Washington after refusing to be groped by federal agents

Steve Watson
January 23, 2012

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was briefly detained this morning after a standoff incident with TSA officers In Nashville.

In a telephone interview with AP, Rand Paul confirmed that an "anomaly" on his knee was picked up by a full body scanner. Paul said he asked for another scan, but the TSA insisted he submit to a pat down by airport security.

After refusing the pat-down on the grounds that it was an infringement on his rights and "private property", Paul said he was then "detained" in a small cubicle and consequently missed a flight to Washington for a Senate session. Paul was also due to speak at the March for Life later today in DC.

Paul also said that the incident highlights how the TSA should not be "spending so much time with people who wouldn't attack us."

The Senator expressed confusion over why his knee would set off an alarm on the body scanner, adding that he rolled up his trouser leg, showing his knee to the security agents. Paul also confirmed that he does not have any metal plates or screws in his knee joint.

"There is no problem. It was just a problem with their machine. But this is getting more frequent, and because everybody has to have a pat down it's a problem," Paul said.

The Senator also told reporters that when he was in Denver earlier this week, a similar alarm went off, however, TSA agents had allowed Paul to walk back through the screener a second time, negating the need for a pat down.

Paul added that he did not expect to be treated any different to everyday Americans by the TSA just because he is a Senator. "I think we need to treat everybody with dignity." Paul said.

Paul's office elaborated on the incident, explaining that a TSA official told the senator to wait in the security area without giving an indication of when he would be allowed to leave. Security then escorted him out of the area but let him remain in the airport.

Reports suggest that TSA officials and law enforcement officials have told the media that Paul was not officially detained.

An anonymous TSA official told the AP that Paul "refused to complete the screening process in order to resolve the issue."

"Passengers, as in this case, who refuse to comply with security procedures are denied access to the secure gate area. He was escorted out of the screening area by local law enforcement." the official added.

The TSA official also confirmed that Paul was allowed to board another flight to Washington after passing through a separate screening.

The story broke when Paul's communications director tweeted that the Senator was asked to walk through a full body scanner and set off an alarm "on a glitch".

The Paul staffer wrote "Just got a call from @senrandpaul. He's currently being detained by TSA in Nashville."

"I spoke with him five minutes ago and he was being detained indefinitely," Paul staffer Moira Bagley elaborated Monday morning. "The image scan went off, he refused patdown."

Ms. Bagley said that Paul's office had been in contact with TSA head John Pistole regarding the incident.

Paul's father, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul also tweeted out news of the incident, saying that there had been an "anomaly" with a body scanner.

"My son @SenRandPaul being detained by TSA for refusing full body pat-down after anomaly in body scanner in Nashville." the tweet stated

SPIRIT OF THE TIMES; Occupy Wall Street - Rev. Omar Wilks

The video clip was made by Rev. Omar Wilks to Honor the Indigenous Native Americans who lost their lives due to genocide and whose land was stolen by colonists. Native Americans continue to be exploited today by a corrupt corporate and political system in the United States. The Occupy Wall Street Movement stands in complete solidarity with the Indigenous People. We will stand hand in hand to ensure that the Indigenous People gets justice. Together, United, Will Never Be Defeated....

for more info join facebook page of OCCUPY FULTON AND NOSTRAND at:


Background (Preamble):
Mr. Havard, accused and convicted of murdering the six-month-old child of his girlfriend and who has been incarcerated on death row at the Mississippi State Prison in Parchman, Mississippi for the past several years.

You will find that this particular case is a classic example of the "good ole boys" injustice that continues to dominate the political structure of Mississippi. The incompetence of the unqualified officials responsible for the young man's death sentence is beyond belief. The coroner in this case was not a medical doctor. His prior employment was that of an ambulance medic and had received only forty hours of training for his elected position.

The pathologist who testified for the state, it was learned, had never been certified. The defense provided for the accused presented no expert testimony, and the actual defense attorney was later indicted on serious illegal drug charges. The circuit court clerk who recorded and published the findings in this case was indicted for stealing funds from the state.

The initial charge for which Mr. Havard was convicted was shaken baby syndrome with an underlying felony of sexual battery. His appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court resulted in the refutation of all charges excepting the underlying felony, leaving it up to the accused and his defense to explain the 1cm bruise supposedly found on the infant's thigh at the time of autopsy.

The defendant had admitted from the beginning that he had accidentally dropped the child in the process of giving her a bath. In a frantic effort to revive the child, both the defendant and the child's mother attempted vigorous resuscitation. Logic would suggest that either could have been responsible for the 1cm bruise.

I implore you and your associates to thoroughly review Mr. Havard's case. By doing so, I feel certain you will want to employ your influence towards preventing the wrongful death of an intelligent, delightful and innocent young man who has much to offer his family, friends and society.


I ask everyone to write to the governor and let him know that Jeff should be free.

Go to his web site and all the information will be there, facts and documented proof. There is no witness, no physical evidence, no motive other than the attorney for the state wanted to make a name for himself.

Write to:

Governor Haley Barbour
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
1-877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150

Please pass this on to everyone you know that can help. By doing so, I feel certain you will want to employ your influence towards preventing the wrongful death of an intelligent, delightful and innocent young man who has much to offer his family, friends and society.

Or you can email:
The email will be sent.

Visit his web site:
and under "Friends Comments " leave your information and it will be sent.

State Leaders Demanding Full Pardon for Scott Sisters

http://www. jacksonadvocateonline.com/?p= 7319

State leaders demanding full pardon for Scott sisters
By Alice Thomas-Tisdale

Jackson Advocate Publisher

Attorney Chokwe Lumumba held a press conference last week to respond to former governor Haley Barbour's lopsided exiting pardons. He said although many of the pardons were deserving, including one his former clients, not enough was done to right the wrong of Mississippi giving a full pardon to Jamie and Gladys Scott, who served 16 years for a $11 robbery they deny responsibility for.

"It is not a requirement for a pardon to admit guilt," noted Lumumba. "To not pardon the Scott sisters is an act of injustice. They will continue to have to look over their shoulders, afraid that their freedoms will be snatched from them at the first infraction," he said. "They are terrified. They do not want to go back to prison." The cost of supervision, which is absorbed by Mississippi taxpayers, is also a reason to allow the Scott sisters to pursue a life of normalcy.

Lumumba plans to appeal to Governor Phil Bryant to reexamine the issue. But there is no wait and see attitude among human rights activists. The Full Pardon Campaign Committee for the Scott Sisters is taking action by hosting the National Day of Justice Conference in Jackson, April 2-4, 2012.

Among the planned events is The Rally for Justice, which will involve national as well as state and local leaders. For details, call 601-353-4455.

--Mumia is Innocent! Stop the Frame Up! Free Mumia!--

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, NYC
, www.FreeMumia.com,

Peasintheirpods Children

Official Press Release


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Locked Up What To Do When Your AZZ Get's Locked Up The Book

Listen to internet radio with TheNancyLockhartShow on Blog Talk Radio
The G-Man
by The G-Man With the U.S. in its fifth decade of mass Black incarceration, and preventive detention for American citizens now codified into law, it’s way past time for every person of color or political dissident to get prepared to “meet The Man.” A crusading legal analyst and activist has written a book that could serve as a first line of defense. Her advice: “Never feel that you can negotiate with the police. Keep your mouth shut!”
An exclusive interview by The G-Man Nancy Lockhart, M.J., is a non-attorney legal analyst with a sincere passion for researching and publicizing grave issues of injustice and wrongful convictions. Lockhart is most notably recognized for her work in the Scott Sisters case. Her relentless petitioning and long-term involvement in the controversial case played a major role in having Gladys and Jamie Scott released. Lockhart created and spearheaded a grass-roots campaign along with Evelyn Rasco, the mother of the Scott sisters, in her quest for justice. The movement became a viral, global phenomenon via social networking and field organizing -- combining creative planning with online and off-line strategies. Purchase Locked Up Directly From The Author via pay pal http://www.nancylockhart.blogspot.com

Eric Sheptock by Alvin Adadevoh

Eric Sheptock by Alvin Adadevoh

Getting Your Jollies From The Child Abuse Hotline - Baby LK Report For J...

Getting Your Jollies From The Child Abuse Hotline - Baby LK Report For January 22nd 2012 for these stories and all the latest dirt on the child protective industry visit http://www.LegallyKidnapped.blogspot.com


Free Marian Price!


Free All Political Prisoners!


Frozen Out: Fuel poverty hits thousands of UK families

Thousands of British families are feeling the chill, stuck below the poverty line and unable to meet soaring energy bills. And it is having an impact on the next generation, which has slipped through the government net for heating handouts.

Boiling the kettle for tea -- this is something that single mother of four Julie Henry cannot afford to do very often.

Hers is one of 800,000 families in the UK living in "fuel poverty" -- struggling to pay for heating and electricity. In the last three years, she says her bill has doubled, and it is a constant juggling act.

Fired Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Dead at 85

Joe Paterno, who racked up more wins than anyone else in major college football but was fired from Penn State amid a child sex abuse scandal has died. He was 85. (Jan. 22)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Anthony Hemingway speaks about Red Tails

Red Tails director, Anthony Hemingway, talks about how he came to be the director of the movie, his experience meeting George Lucas for the first time and a bit of his strategy in developing the actors into their roles.

Michael Moore: US founded on genocide and slaves

Michael Moore: US founded on genocide and slaves

Press Conference in Support for Joseph Jazz Hayden

Community members, social activists, religious and political leaders all came together outside of the Manhattan Supreme Court for a press conference in support of Joseph "Jazz" Hayden and to rally against the NYPD's racist practice known as Stop and Frisk.

Jazz was a recent victim of retaliation by the NYPD when he was arrested by the same 2 officers he filmed last summer during a Copwatch. He has been out filming police activity and Stop and Frisks in Harlem for the past 3 years and posting these videos to youtube and his website. For full story and detail behind the arrest view here - http://bit.ly/AmEj6y.

The court decided to send Jazz's case to the Grand Jury and his next court date will be on April 17, 2012. Please come out again and support him on this day. More details will follow on www.allthingsharlem.com.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Abortion Rates Higher In 'Pro-Life' Countries

Abortions rates are higher in 'pro-life' countries where the procedure is illegal according to research published in the respected medical journal Lancet. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss abortion, birth control and other issues on The Young Turks.


Abortion restrictions explode in America: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGx-DJ85vXs

Subscribe to The Young Turks: http://bit.ly/eWuu5i

Google Using SOPA-Like Censorship

InfoWars Nightly News with Alex Jones. Google blacklists websites and follows government orders to remove material, cancer drugs worsen cancer and breaking news about a sudden onset of Tourette syndrome.

Anonymous Goes on MegaUpload Revenge

Rob Dew reports on the Megaupload shut down, Pepe Escobar rescheduled for Friday night.

Lieber: 2 guards for 229 of 'worst' prisoners

Lieber: 2 guards for 229 of 'worst' prisoners | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment

The only two correctional officers standing watch at a Ridgeville prison dormitory that houses 229 of the state's most egregious offenders were injured Wednesday night after inmates lashed out and set off a five-hour riot.

Lady on the RIOT which took place last night: The situation at Lieber, the conditions & treatment of the prisoners is not only unhealthy, physically & mentally to the inmates immured there, but dangerous to CO's & staff as well. Inmates who are locked down due to budget shortages, short staffing, who receive just 1 bologna sandwich a day for 2wks is an abomination to the penal system. When inmates are treated thusly, upon release are often bitter. Do you think they go after the individuals who caused this pain & misery? Or do they go after those within the social realms who they have the greatest contact with, because they just sat on their hands???? 20 CO's to contain a prison of this size & security status is dangerous not only to the staff, but the community. 2 CO's for 229 men is unacceptable.....Lady Gray/ Judged Men Alliance

Urgent Message Regarding Mumia

As most of you already know, Mumia was transferred to SCI-Mahanoy in upstate PA. more than a month ago, directly after Phila. prosecutor Seth Williams announced that he wasn't pursuing the death penalty in Mumia's case. This meant that Mumia's sentence went from death to life in prison without parole. Since arriving at SCI-Mahanoy, Mumia has been in the hole, on AC (administrative custody) status, solitary confinement, even though there is no valid reason for him to be in the hole. The conditions are tortuous and much worse than the conditions on death row. These conditions have been condemned by the United Nations as tortuous. Since arriving at Mahanoy, Superintendent John Kerestes and his staff have gone from one thing to the next to vent their fury and racism on Mumia. First they claimed to be waiting on paperwork that Mumia's sentence is a life sentence and not death, but Mahanoy has no death chamber so Mumia would never be sent there if he still had a death sentence. When people saw right through that, Kerestes said that Mumia has to cut his hair before going into general population, now he's saying that Mumia has to let them take his blood (something Mumia really doesn't want to do) before he can be in general population. Mumia has been in prison for 30 years so why this sudden demand for his blood now. It is crystal clear that Kerestes and his staff are doing everything they can to keep Mumia in the hole under these tortuous conditions, and it's all rooted in racism and their fury at all the world-wide attention that stays focused on Mumia, after all these years. They're furious that their plan to legally kill Mumia ain't working. They're torturing Mumia for the same reason the Romans tortured Jesus Christ, because he won't go along with the lies of the system and racism. Prison policy has nothing to do with what they're doing to Mumia and everybody should be clear on this. We must be vigilant over Mumia, including organizations that can visit him on an official basis. We must continue to flood Supt. Kerestes with calls and emails. Mumia is up in serious racist KKK territory and we must have his back. We've brought Mumia too far to get lax now. Remember, the power of the people is a force to be reckoned with when the power of the people stays consistent and united.

International Concerned Family And Friends Of Mumia Abu Jamal and

The Move Organization


John Wetzl

Secretary, Penn. Dept. of Corrections

2520 Lisburn Rd., P.O. Box 598

Camp Hill, Penn. 17001

717 975-4928


John Kerestes, Supt.

SCI Mahanoy

301 Morea Rd.

Frackville, Penn. 17932

570 773-2158 (telephone)

570 783-2008 (fax)
--Mumia is Innocent! Stop the Frame Up! Free Mumia!--

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, NYC
www.FreeMumia.com, info@FreeMumia.com

Bill Maloney for Mayor



via sis Marpessa

PLEASE GO TO https://www.wepay.com/donations/fund-for-troy-davis-s-family AND DONATE!



The Davis family has had to bury three loved ones in the past seven months. Virginia Davis, the matriarch of the family, passed in April, just two weeks after the US Supreme Court denied Troy's final appeal, paving the way for the state of Georgia to set a new execution date. According to Martina, her mother died of a broken heart--she couldn't bear another execution date. Troy was executed on September 21, despite an international outcry over executing a man amid such overwhelming doubt. Troy's sister Martina succumbed to her decade-long battle with cancer on December 1, exactly two months after her brother Troy's funeral, leaving behind a teenaged son.

There are still outstanding medical and funeral bills for Martina that the Davis family must pay.

The Davis family has had to bear more tragedy and sorrow than any family should ever have to. Together, we can ensure that the financial aspect of these losses will not be a burden to them.

Any amount will be highly appreciated. Please note: this initiative will close on Feb 10 so we can get the money to the family, but after that, donations can be made via Kim Davis's paypal account, at aug1970@bellsouth.net

Any questions can be directed to Jen Marlowe at donkeysaddle@gmail.com

------------------DREAD TIMES - Dedicated to the free flow of information - http://www.dreadtimes.com


Protest ramps up: DDOS attacks cripple FBI and music publishers' sites.
The war on piracy in the United States has ramped up, with hacker group Anonymous claiming responsibility for an attack that crippled the FBI and US Department of Justice websites and targeted film and music companies.
Twitter accounts claiming to represent the hacktivist group announced this morning that it had taken down Justice.org, the department's website, as well as sites for Universal Music, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the Recording Industry Association of America.
The FBI's site was also brought down, going to a near-blank page with the message that the site could not be reached.
The group claim the attacks are in retaliation for the government shutting down the fire-sharing website Megaupload.com.
Megaupload.com was shut down earlier today after charges were laid against seven individuals from Megaupload and Vestor. Four of the defendants were arrested in Auckland, New Zealand.
The charges relate to criminal copyright.
About an hour after the indictments were unsealed, the public websites went down.
"WE ARE THE 99% - WE ARE #ANONYMOUS - YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPECTED US," said @AnonOps, a Twitter account managed by presumed Anonymous members.
Twitter is currently bombarded with hashtags relating to the attack, including The Internet Strikes Back.
Anonymous later stepped up the attack by publishing personal details the author claimed to be of MPPA's chief executive officer and former US senator Chris Dodd's family, including children's names and ages, property addresses and value, onto pastebin.com. Pastebin is regularly used by hackers to post details of their exploits.
The Megaupload indictment was filed as the US Congress considers anti-piracy legislation supported by the movie and music industries that has prompted a backlash from internet companies including Google and Wikipedia.
On Wednesday, Wikipedia shut down its English pages in protest against the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA), saying they would promote online censorship, disrupt the web's architecture and harm their ability to innovate.
The publisher was joined by other internet players including Google, and a chorus of opinion pieces and articles decrying the bills.
Then yesterday, the father of the world wide web, computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee called for action against SOPA saying it violates human rights - 20 January 2012.

United families launch 100,000 No:10 custody deaths petition

The United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) have launched an ambitious petition appeal that calls for an independent judicial inquiry into all suspicious deaths in custody.
The United Families & Friends Campaign(UFFC) is a coalition of families and friends of those that have died in the custody of police and prison officers as well as those who died in psychiatric and immigration detention. It also has members and supporters from campaign groups and advocacy organisations from across the UK.
The Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody report published in 2011 states: in total, there were 5,998 deaths recorded for the 11 years from 2000 to 2010. This is an average of 545 deaths per year. Despite the fact there have been 11 unlawful killing verdicts since 1990 there has never been a successful prosecution.
US civil rights veteran, Rev Jesse Jackson supports the inquiry campaign.

Campaign representatives have said; “Our joint efforts have yielded some results.
However, these have not addressed the lack of justice in the many outstanding cases.
“We believe that equitable dispensation justice in the UK must be done and be seen to be done if the general public are to enjoy high levels of trust and confidence in the fair administration of justice.
Read the rest of this entry →

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Peasintheirpods Children

 Peasintheirpods Children
On February 12th we will have Sara's friend Kim on our blogtalkradio show.
Sara Jessimy Kruzan (born January 8, 1978), convicted of first degree murder, is a victim of human trafficking and inmate of Central California Women's Facility, Chowchilla. In 1994, at the age of 16, she was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole after being convicted of murdering her alleged pimp, George Gilbert Howard. On January 2, 2011, Kruzan was granted clemency by outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who commuted her sentence to 25 years with the possibility of parole.

Independent Lens | Dr. Angela Davis on The Black Power Mixtape | PBS


Earlier this month, Independent Lens launched a slate of films celebrating Black History at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles.

While at the event, the series teamed up with PBS NEWSHOUR'S Hari Sreenivasan to interview many of the filmmakers and subjects.

Here is an excerpt of Sreenivasan's conversation with Dr. Angela Davis, profiled in Göran Hugo Olsson's The Black Power Mixtape 1967--1975 which premieres on PBS on February 9.


Watch "Independent Lens" films online:

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Florida Officers Toture 62 Year Old Man To Death Over 48 Hours in "The D...

Florida Officers Toture 62 Year Old Man To Death Over 48 Hours in The Devils Chair

Robert O'Neill, US Attorney

U.S. Attorney's Office

400 North Tampa St

Suite 3200

Tampa, Fl. 33602

( 813) 274 - 6000

Here is the contact information to the only person who can press charges on the people responsible.

It is not clear who exactly took the shocking photograph, which was later handed to FOX 13's news team, of Christie strapped into the chair with a hood over his face.

The retired boilermaker, from Ohio, had suffered from heart disease and emphysema, put down to his years as a smoker and of continual exposure to asbestos.
He was being treated for depression when he decided to take some time out and visit his brother in Fort Myers.
Prior to the trip, his doctor moved away, leaving no-one to manage his emotional state or possible side effects of his drugs.
His wife Joyce was so worried about his trip that she contacted Lee County police to ask them to keep an eye out for him.

She also asked a captain from the Girard, Ohio, police to urge his Florida counterparts to take him to hospital if they found him.
Christie was first arrested on March 25 for being drunk in a public place. This has subsequently been contested as he may merely have been in a severely confused state.
He was released after telling jail attendants of his various medical conditions. Two days

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085628/Nick-Christie-Mentally-ill-pr...

Nicholas DiCello, whose Cleveland firm Spangenberg Shibley & Liber has filed a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of his estate, said it was a 'minor' offence.
He said: 'He was having another mental episode. He was bewildered, acting crazy, and so the hotel got fed up and asked him to leave. When he didn't go, they called the police.'
Worried: Joyce Christie said she had been concerned about her husband's trip to Florida
DiCello said jail staff did not screen Christie's mental health before he was jailed, even though they had the list of his conditions from his first arrest, and locked his medications in a truck.
He was never given any drugs during his 43 hours in custody, he also claimed. The trouble started when Christie, who was uncooperative from the time of his arrest, became angry.
Deputies responded by directly spraying him or fogging his cell with pepper spray at least 10 times. He was never allowed to wash the spray off.
Other inmates in the jail told Fort Myers News-Press that the blasts were so strong the secondary effects caused them to gag.
Christie was then placed into a restraining chair to bind inmates at both wrists, both ankles, and across the chest.
Inmates, along with a deputy trainee named Monshay Gibbs, have already testified that Christie was sprayed at least two more times after he had been strapped to the chair.
He was also stripped naked, and outfitted with a spit mask, a hood designed to prevent inmates from spitting on jail personnel.
But the mask kept the pepper spray close to his nose and mouth, meaning he kept inhaling it for six hours. Christie, whose wife Joyce flew to Florida on hearing of his arrest, is said to have pleaded with officers by saying the mask made it difficult for him to breathe.
DiCello added: 'She was actually relieved to hear he had been arrested She thought they had responded to her pleas for help, that they would take him to a hospital to be treated.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2085628/Nick-Christie-Mentally-ill-pr...

Bill Maloney in race for London Mayor -- Genesis Radio

Bill Maloney for London Mayor 2012
Interviewed on the King Lion Show Genesis Radio Jan 2012

• I represent the every-day GOOD PEOPLE of London!
• I represent the VOICE that screams for the down-trodden and the deceived
• I represent Fair Play for all

• I don't represent the Government
• I don't represent the Crown
• I don't represent the Police
• I don't represent the Banks
• I don't represent the Corporations
• I don't represent the Lawyers
• I don't represent Local Councils
• I don't represent old worn out systems

I represent the Humanitarian Power that is bringing peace and freedom, not just to London but to all corners of the planet who have been dominated by unfair play.

It is your vote that will help to instigate this pledge -- the gloves are off!

I'm commonly known as Bill Maloney.

Talk to me: bill@pienmashfilms.com

Find out more about Bill Maloney: http://www.pienmashfilms.com

Public Enemy (Fight The Power) at Occupy Skid Row Music Festival

Dubbed as both the Operation Skid Row Music Festival and the Occupy Skid Row Music Festival, on January 15th Chuck D and Public Enemy, along with a dozen or more (mostly old school Los Angeles) hip-hop acts will put on a free concert for the down-on-their-luck residents of Los Angeles' desolate Skid Row district.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Conviction (11 of 11)

Based on the compelling autobiography of Carl Upchurch, Conviction tells the story of a man who hits rock bottom but climbs his way back up against all odds. Having grown up on the streets of Philly, Carl passes in and out of jail; his redemption finally comes in the form of a teacher he meets in prison who inspires him to clean up his act, help others just like him and teach kids to build a life outside of gangs.

Muhammad Ali book celebrates his 70th birthday

"I Am The Greatest!"

Mumia Abu Jamal All Dayer Sat 4 Feb - RokStories - Walking Tours London, Walks London - Black History Walks

Mumia Abu Jamal All Dayer Sat 4 Feb - RokStories - Walking Tours London, Walks London - Black History Walks

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Someone !

Save Cristian Fernandez

Remove State Attorney Angela Corey http://www.change.org/petitions/remove-state-attorney-angela-corey?share_id=WGGquazwKO via @change

Muhammad Ali celebrates 70th birthday

Muhammad Ali was the world heavyweight champion with an appeal that went beyond sport.

The boxing star's dramatic life always grabbed media attention. The public has been witness to a life filled with drama, controversy and thrills including: his court battle to avoid jail for refusing to fight in Vietnam, his three world heavyweight championship wins, his conversion to Islam and his humanitarian work.

Now, he is a national icon celebrating his 70th birthday.

Al Jazeera's John Terrett reports from Ali's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Stephen Ward Paintings with ambient music by Purple Planet Music 'Mounta...

My paintings and sky photographs with fantastic music by purple planet music at website


From homelessness to an executive suite. Make your dreams come true.


In mid September the Occupy Movement also known as Occupy Wall Street was born in Zuccotti Park. For the three month period to close out 2011, brave people (mostly young) took a stand for Social Justice and Economic Equality.. The movement spread world wide and is addressing a variety of important issues but mainly Wall Street greed that has viciously impacted the world community. Rev. Omar Wilks put this video together as a remembrance of the Occupy Movement 2011 and also give honor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. legacy.

for more info: Contact Rev. Wilks
tele: 347-325-7828

Friday, 13 January 2012

lovingkindness for Martin Luther King, Jr.

In honor of Dr. King's enduring work, our sixth grade students recorded "lovingkindness" (written by my co-teacher, Billy Walsh) and then helped me plan this movie. We share it with you in the hope that the words and actions of Dr. King --and all the peace-makers of the world- will remind each of us to practice lovingkindness, today and every day.
Wishing you all a meaningful Martin Luther King Day,
Sylvie Essex

PS Lyrics, as requested:
lovingkindness by Billy Walsh
Aren't we tired yet
Accumulating things
Of all the pain and hate
That greed and hunger bring
We clench our hands and teeth
We hoard and hold our breath
Secure the locks and bolts
And live afraid of death

Set us free
Sweet forgiveness
Amazing grace

Aren't we weary yet
Of all the cruel names
We call the other ones
Who do not look the same
The things they choose to wear
The color of their skin
The ones they want to love
The place they worship in

Help us see
Behind the blindness
Our unity
One earth together
One human race

And all around the world
Don't you think it's odd
People pray for peace, then
Kill in the name of God
Too many sacred truths
Constantly collide
So in the holy wars
The poor are doomed to die

Bring us peace
Faith in nonviolence
Complete forgiveness
Wounded grace

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King
He told us of his dream
To end the suffering
He said that we should share
He gave all he could give
Don't mourn the way he died
Embrace the way he lived

Live the Dream
Justice - Nonviolence
Sweet sweet forgiveness
Amazing grace

PPS Folks have been asking, so for those of you interested in Billy's own version
of Lovingkindness or his other original songs, here's the link to his most recent CD:

Michelle Alexander on the War on Drugs and the Politics Behind It

Michelle Alexander, Author of The New Jim Crow, speaks about the political strategy behind the War on Drugs and its connection to the mass incarceration of Black and Brown people in the United States.

If you think Bill Clinton was "the first black President" you need to watch this video and see how much damage his administration caused for the black community as a result of his get tough attitude on crime that appealed to white swing voters.

This speech took place at Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem on January 12, 2012.

DOC wants Mumia to cut his hair to get out of Solitary

by Sis Marpessa
Department of Corrections claims Mumia is in solitary because of his dreadlocks

Mumia and supporters renew request to close torture units in PA prisons

In a statement issued late Thursday, January 12, an attorney for Mumia Abu-Jamal reported that he has been given a new reason for his continued solitary confinement - his long dreadlocks.

Prison authorities at SCI Mahanoy claim Abu-Jamal will be held in the Restricted Housing Unit on disciplinary custody until he cuts his hair. This is an old tactic that was used against Mumia when he was a death row prisoner. He spent 8 years on disciplinary status in death row until he was removed from that status--without getting a haircut--in the early 1990s.

It has taken prison officials five weeks to invent this new pretext for continuing the 30-year-long solitary confinement torture of Abu-Jamal. Mumia and his supporters are calling for his immediate release to general population and the shut down of all of the solitary units in PA.

Sign a petition to transfer Mumia out of the hole - http://prisonradio.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/sign-on-petition-to-transfer-mumia-out-of-the-hole/

Read and forward this press release from the National Lawyers Guild: "After death row transfer, NLG VP Mumia Abu-Jamal languishes in solitary"- http://www.nlg.org/news/press-releases/after-death-row-transfer-nlg-vp-mumia-abu-jamal-languishes-in-solitary-2/

Contact Department of Corrections officials and let them know you are not fooled and will not tolerate efforts to silence and torture Mumia:

1) Write, Phone, and email the Secretary of Corrections: Demand that Mumia be transferred to General Population! And demand the shutdown of RHU (Restricted Housing Unit) Torture Blocks!
John Wetzl, Secretary Department of Corrections
2520 Lisburn Road, P.O. Box 598, Camp Hill, PA 17001-0598
(717) 975-4928 Email: ra-contactdoc@pa.gov

2) Write, Phone, and email the Superintendent:
John Kerestes, Superintendent

SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932
(570) 773-2158 Fax: (570) 783-2008

3) Write, Phone, and email the Philadelphia DA. Demand that they petition the court to free Mumia, based on suppression of evidence. They have buried evidence and the truth for 30 years. The police corruption and the frame up of
Mumia must be exposed.

Seth Williams, DA Philadelphia

Three South Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3499
(215) 686-8000 Email: DA_Central@phila.gov

and finally, send Mumia a note or a card:

Mumia Abu-Jamal
AM 8335
SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932

30,000 Irish Women Tortured by Catholic Church in Magdalene Laundries se...

The catholic church created a religious order of nuns that have now been exposed for who they truly are - sisters of mercy, sisters of charity - is what they go by but they are nothing but. The nuns created institutions called Magdalene Laundries or Asylums whereby they would do the city's laundry for a charge - however the ones doing the real work was being done by the thousands of women they enslaved. The young women were brought here because they were thought to be "sinners" or "promiscuous" - yet they were young innocent girls who were often just pretty and the nuns said they were "provocative" to men. The nuns would make them work for 10-12 hours a day without pay. They were starved, or suffered malnutrition, while the nuns would lavish meals nearby. The girls were not allowed to speak and the nuns and priests would manipulate their mind until reducing them to not have any confidence and a lot of them were manipulated into becoming nuns by being told no one else would want them.

The testimonies told are of torture, terror, abuse, and atrocities at the hands of the nuns in this systematic abuse put in place in these religious institutions. The sisters managed to implement this in Canada, USA, Ireland, Australia - generating astronomical profits from each girl housed in receiving govt funds, profits from each girl working freely day in and day out, the money collected from their laundry business, and the money saved from not feeding the girls properly.

The documentary "Forgotten Maggies" produced by Steven O' Riordan, a young Irish filmmaker, documents these atrocities and released the video 2011. Here in this video you can see the director of the film protesting and speaking out for the survivors since until this day the government has refused to deal with this issue and the church - as always - remains silent and the criminal nuns walk free.

Visit us at: http://www.vaticancrimes.us or http://www.protegeatushijos.org

Pardons raise questions, outrage

Haley Barbour, the now-former governor of Mississippi, pardoned 203 prisoners as one of his final acts in office, many are questioning why. Anna Werner reports.

Contact ORGANIZATIONS: Letter Campaign for Beunka Adams! Copy/Paste action.

by Vivi Stålhane
Contact organizations for Beunka Adams                                   

To save Beunka Adams (execution is March 8 2012) we need to get help from others!
Please, take a few minutes and send the sample letter beneath to the organizations on the list and any other organization you may think of! 

Thank you so much! 

Contact information to organizations:

- Texas Moratorium Network
contact form: http://www.texasmoratorium.org/contact

- Texas Students Against Death Penalty
contact form: http://www.texasabolition.org/index.php?option=com_contact&Itemid=3 

- Amnesty Internat. Southern Office
contact form: http://www.amnesty.org/en/contact 

- National Coalition Against Death Penalty

- World Coalition Against Death Penalty 
contact form: http://www.worldcoalition.org/Contact-us.html

- Southern Center for Human Rights

- United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner, Mrs Navanethem Pillay, 

- Campaign to end death penalty
contact form: http://www.nodeathpenalty.org/contact-national-office

Sample letter:

To whom it may concern,

I write to make your organization aware of the fact that a Texas death row inmate, Mr. Beunka Adams is soon to face the ultimate punishment of the death penalty. His execution is set for March 8 2012. 

This is despite the fact that there are obvious and major flaws in Mr Adams’ legal procedure; doubts about the fairness of his trial; and doubts about what really happened during the tragic robbery in Rusk, Texas in 2002.

I kindly ask if if your organization can offer some sort of support for Mr. Adams and for our campaign to save his life and work for his right to a fair trial. 

I will enclose our petition letter to give you a basic idea of Mr. Adams circumstances: 

Beunka Adams’ Final Appeal Was Rejected By The Us Supreme Court In The Beginning Of October 2011. During December The Same Year Mr. Adams' Execution Date Was Set For March 8Th 2012This Was Despite The Fact That There Are Obvious And Major Flaws In Mr Adams’ Legal Procedure; Doubts About The Fairness Of His Trial; And Doubts About What Really Happened During The Tragic Robbery In Rusk, Texas In 2002.

In Adams' case there are many oversights and the most fatal are:

1. Another man, Adams' co-defendant, confessed to the shooting and the two men were not tried at the same trial. During trial the jurors were convinced that Adams fired the gun because of evidence being held from them.

2. Adams' state appointed attorney did not offer a proper legal defense during trial and it must be seen as inefficient legal counseling. His appeal attorney has shown ignorance towards his client's needs and hasn't answered Adams' letters for the past three years. Due to poor legal advice, failing to find another attorney and his own lacking knowledge of law Adams' legal process can not be found to provide the proper legal security recognized for every citizen by law.

3. Adams is convicted for accidentally missing someone with a 12-gauge shotgun at a close distance. A proper investigation and a statement from a ballistic expert would prove that it is physically impossible to do that without causing more physical harm then a scratched lip.When Beunka Adams’ trial transcript is compared with his co-defendant’s it becomes clear that it is different in major points. 

4. Witnesses appear to be unsure of their facts and their stories have been changed between the two trials. 

Beunka Adams has never denied his involvement in the robbery in 2002 that led to the tragic death of a man and the serious wounding of a girl, but he has always claimed that he didn't shoot anyone and that he tried to stop his co-defendant from harming the victims. Mr. Adams has several times expressed his deep regrets for and sadness over the tragic events of that day.

Beunka Adams’ family and friends recognize the fundamental change in his personality and aspirations. So the man facing execution by the state of Texas is very different from the teenaged boy who took part in the robbery of 2002."

Because of the above reasons and in the name of humanity, I beg that your organization will help us stop the execution and work at our side for his right to a fair trial.

Thank you for your consideration to this important matter!


( your name + address) 

For more information visit:

Website (also in french and  German):

Info page at 8 Bags of Popcorn:



All actions for Beunka Adams:

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Peeing Marines recruit for Taliban

The US military has another scandal on its hands. This after a video showing what appears to be four US servicemen peeing on three dead Afghans. The servicemen actions have caused an international uproar and the US Marine Corp has launched an investigation into the matter. Many believe its things like this that create the next generation of anti-American sentiment. Jake Diliberto, an Afghanistan war veteran, joins us to talk about how this will strain relations between Washington and Kabul.

Cyber bullied girl dies

Neli Latson's mother, Lisa Alexander

by Sis Marpessa

Lisa Alexander, mother of Neli Latson, was convicted on 1/10/2012 of misdemeanor charges that for many would have resulted in little to no jail time. However, supporters were stunned that the trial concluded with Lisa being taken away as a prisoner to be incarcerated for one year, which was later shortened to six months.

Lisa Alexander is an 11 year military veteran with no prior criminal history. She left the military to dedicate her life to her children and to especially build a stable life for her autistic son, Neli. Neli was racially profiled, thrown in jail, and unjustly convicted in May, 2010 at the hands of the same DA's office that prosecuted her. Lisa has been tirelessly advocating for Neli and the only constant throughout his terrifying ordeal has been his mother's voice by telephone each day and their weekly visits. She is her son's coping mechanism and is absolutely vital to him.

A number of Neli's supporters believe that the incarceration of Lisa Alexander is in direct retaliation for her efforts to speak out against the corruption in Stafford County and her fight to have her son released to a facility capable of addressing his autism. Her internet campaign to win supporters to her son's cause was even mentioned by the prosecution during the course of the trial!

Lisa has been under such an extreme amount of stress over the past few years since Neli's arrest that she has suffered severe vision loss rendering her barely able to read. Family and friends are greatly concerned for her health and well being, as well as Neli's.

A press release will be distributed soon and we are calling on everyone to please help support this family in crisis. Subscribe to the e-mail listserve for updates and/or follow at the Facebook page, Fight Against Autism and Police Injustice. Please also sign onto and share the petition for pardon for Neli when he is released so that he doesn't have to be on parole for decades to come. He must receive a full pardon if he is to live any semblance of normalcy.

Petition Link: http://www.change.org/petitions/pardon-wrongfully-convicted-autistic-youth-neli-latson
Subscribe to listserve for urgent updates by e-mailing avoiceforneli-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
More info on Neli Latson at http://www.avoiceforneli.com/
E-mail: avoiceforneli@yahoo.com

Transfer and Assign Mumia Abu-Jamal to General Population

MUMIA ABU-JAMAL IS CURRENTLY BEING HELD IN ADMINISTRATIVE CUSTODY ("THE HOLE" or SOLITARY CONFINEMENT) AT SCI MAHANOY. Mumia is shackled and handcuffed whenever outside his cell, his number of weekly visits has been reduced to one (for one hour), his phone call privileges have been reduced, the number of stamps and envelopes he can use is greatly limited, and his commissary privileges have been revoked. He is also barred from having a television, typewriter or radio in his cell, and access to personal possessions such as books is also severely limited.

International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, Educators for Mumia Abu-Jamal, and International Action Center fully support the NLG and HRS call for transferring Mumia to general population immediately. We additionally call for the shutting down of all the torturous Restricted Housing Units (RHU's) across the US prisons!

https://www.change.org/petitions/transfer-and-assign-mumia-abu-jamal-to-general-population?share_id=SfBVoKycaz via @change