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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hollie Greig

http://www.holliedemandsjustice.org/ Hollies official site
http://truthseeker444.blogspot.com/2011/10/hollie-anne-greig.html Link to my blog with further details of Hollie & Anne.
Anne and Hollie Greig need your help and support. I have just published this blog detailing as much as I am legally permitted, the latest in Hollie and Anne story. New photographs have been published with the kind permission of Anne and Hollie. Now more than ever Hollie and Anne need our support. Please share far and wide.

My facebook Hollie group.
Hollie Greig is a young Scottish Lady who has Downs Syndrome.
From the age of 6-20, Hollie was repeatedly raped by a gang of paedophiles in Aberdeen. Her father started the abuse, she was then shared with an establishment paedophile ring, which included a social worker, head master, serving police man and Sheriff (Judge).

Hollies Dad told her he would kill her much loved dog if she told anyone. When Hollie turned 20 a situation developed where she was forced to tell her Mum.
Her Mum then took her to the police.
At first Hollie just told her Mum about her Father and brother raping her,(Her brother was himself abused) but over the following couple of months she re-capped all of her abuse.
The police briefly questioned her brother and father, made them tea, apologised for bringing them in, then released them.
To date none of her establishment abusers have even been questioned.

Shortly after Anne made her report to the police,ten people came to their flat, outside the flat in view of all her neighbours, they threw her to the ground, pulled down her trousers and pants, and injected her. She woke up in a psychiatric unit! They tried to label her paranoid schizophrenic.
During her time in the unit, she was advised to do all they asked, which she did, and was quickly released. On her release she had herself examined by one of Scotland's top psychiatrists, who deemed her perfectly sane. That was in 2000, to date the order to section Anne has not been found!

The harassment of Anne and Hollie became so bad, they had to flee their home, they moved to Shropshire in England. In 2007 Robert Green became involved with the two ladies and their quest for justice.
The abuse and harassment of all three would be much to long to detail here. But for his trouble Robert has been repeatedly arrested, his home raided and jailed! Anne and Hollies home has also been raided, and they have been attacked and victimised by many government agencies!
The paedophile ring that abuse Hollie have very long tentacles, which reach all the way through the UK establishment.

Throughout Hollies quest for justice, her abusers have continued abusing children, Grampian police have never even questioned them. Hollie named other children who were also abused by the same paedophile ring, they have not been questioned either.

Downs syndrome children do not have the ability to fabric lengthy complex stories, coupled with that, they have a wonderful memory, and can remember the most minute details of things that have happened them.
Hollie was awarded £13500 for her injuries, from the abuse. The investigating police man who assessed her claims and medical evidence for the criminal injuries board, deemed Hollie a very reliable and honest witness.
The complexities of this case are too lengthy to detail here, or in a short vid, to hear Robert Green outline most of the case visit these links on You Tube.

This is Robert's most recent talk about Hollie

And the link for Hollies official web site is posted at the top of this page.
I admin the Facebook group Support for Hollie Greig and Robert Green.
Please join one of the groups, and show your support for their quest for justice.

If you ask Hollie why she keeps on with her quest for justice, she will tell you "To protect all the other boys and girls"
Sandra Barr
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