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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Manifesto 'taster'

• To make alcohol and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and the Government responsible for the cost of medical services, rehabilitation and support of London citizens who are dependent on their alcohol and pharmaceutical products.
• To provide free sanitary products for all female London citizens.
• Introduce voluntary independent monitor groups drawn from the public to conduct unannounced inspections on all borough care homes both public and private to check on the health and welfare of their residents. These would include: Foster homes, Child care homes, Nursing and Care homes for the elderly and Young offenders institutions.
• The Department of Health has powers to sanction firms profiteering from drug sales. Millionaire drug manufacturers have raised the price of widely used prescription drugs by 1000%. Investigate sources of pharmaceutical supplies to London Hospitals/GP practices & pharmacies. Pressure must be put on to reduce the massive profits of drug manufacturers.
• Hospital Parking: Introduce a Ward Parking Token system to park free or at a largely reduced daily rate for immediate relatives or appointed partners who are visiting seriously ill loved-ones.
• Routes for easier access to holistic treatments should be explored.

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