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Saturday, 28 February 2015

People For Schapelle Corby #Icare4innocentSchapelle

1. Schapelle Corby's boogie-board bag was the only one not scanned at Sydney Airport: it was diverted past the scanner by baggage staff. Customs Minister Ellison withheld this life critical information, even when Schapelle Corby’s lawyer asked directly about scanning. [Transit Report]
2. This information was also hidden from Parliament, when direct questions were asked, and critically, it was withheld from the Bali court. John Howard, and his long term colleague, Head of Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd, Max Moore-Wilton, were also aware, but remained silent. [Transit Report]
3. The AFP never investigated the reason for this missing screening data, and AFP Commissioner Keelty, who was also informed, never commented upon it. Keelty was also aware, via Operation Mocha, that the same baggage handlers were simultaneously engaging in other drug related activities. [Transit Report]
4. Schapelle Corby checked her bags in underweight, but they were subsequently found to be 5kg overweight on the Qantas system (which would have carried an excess charge of $175). This clearly indicated the addition of a significant weight factor, after the bags left her hands. [Transit Report]
5. Again, neither Schapelle Corby, nor the Bali court, were ever provided with this critical information. [Supplementary Report]
6. Two weeks before the verdict, AFP Commissioner Keelty told the media that there was no evidence of airport drug syndicates using innocent passengers, when this was clearly, demonstrably, and utterly, false. The AFP had held the Kessing Reports for months, and it withheld a host of other vital support evidence, which proved the long term and systemic nature of such syndication at Sydney Airport. [Transit Report]
7. The AFP and DFAT demonstrably evaded and frustrated the forensic and DNA tests which Schapelle Corby begged for in court. [Mutual Evasion Report]
8. The AFP told Parliament that it couldn't perform marijuana pollen tests, when it had the capacity to do so, and indeed, had originally offered to perform them for the INP. It also refused the services of a forensics expert, who had volunteered to perform them. [Mutual Evasion Report]
9. Ellison subsequently told a clearly false story about marijuana testing, in a written letter to a constituent. [Mutual Evasion Report]
10. DFAT did not invoke the MACMA treaty to obtain the sample of marijuana (for DNA testing) which Schapelle Corby begged for, when it could have done so within the provisions of the treaty itself. [Mutual Evasion Report]
11. The AFP and Qantas provided wholly contradictory stories about the missing CCTV footage, which Schapelle Corby pleaded for. No footage was ever provided, from any airport, despite over 800 cameras being in situ. [Transit Report]
12. Foreign Minister Downer, and Prime Minister Howard, publicly endorsed the original Bali trial, when they were well aware that a multitude of legal and human rights abuses had been committed throughout. [Bali Trial Report]
13. Ellison publicly endorsed the burning of the physical evidence, whilst Schapelle Corby pleaded desperately for it to be preserved and tested. [Mutual Evasion Report]
14. DFAT have, de facto, endorsed and suppressed the ongoing and documented abuses of a mentally ill Australian citizen for more than nine years. [Health Report]
15. ACLEI, when forced to examine the AFP's role in the affair, was directly and demonstrably complicit with an AFP officer, in producing a report which was an utter embarrassment to all parties. A functionary, who was at the heart of the Howard regime when the AFP abuses occurred, was allowed to rubber stamp ACLEI's complicit rubber stamp. [Whitewash Report]
16. The government pressed and forced an Australian QC, Mark Trowell, on to Schapelle Corby for her appeal. He then decimated the appeal by attacking her defence team to the media. When he subsequently admitted that he was working for the government, and not for Schapelle Corby, the government refused to comment. The precise role of Justice & Customs Minister Ellison in this affair, Trowell’s long term friend, has never been explained. [Insider Report]
17. Downer and Howard publicly described a standard flour hoax at the Indonesian embassy as a “murderous attack”, using a “biological agent”, when there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest that it wasn’t benign. Neither of them revealed that the note included with the flour didn't refer to Schapelle Corby at all, and was written in Bahasa, when they promptly blamed it on her supporters. [PowderGate Report]
18. Ellison did not alert any of the parties necessary to prevent the false, but support-wrecking, story from circulating around the world. Yet, he was informed of the benign nature of the flour, by email, at 6:35pm on the same day. [PowderGate Report]
19. The government seized Schapelle Corby's book royalties under proceeds of crime legislation, whilst she was still in legal process in Indonesia, sending a clear signal to Jakarta. It further brought the judiciary into disrepute, by illegally extending its jurisdiction outside Australian borders, and holding secret trials, at which Schapelle Corby was not even represented. [Political Seizure Report]
20. The government thus denied her the funds for a further appeal, and for on-going medication, despite full knowledge of the nature of the original trial, and of the vital primary evidence which had been wilfully withheld. [Political Seizure Report]
21. Dozens of breaches of the Freedom of Information Act, with respect to requests made on behalf of Schapelle Corby, have been recorded. The AFP alone has spent in the region of $1 million in frustrating efforts to obtain further evidential information. [FOI Abuse Report]
22. The AFP suppressed a secret recording of two known criminals discussing the collection of marijuana from Sydney Airport on the same day that Schapelle Corby flew to Bali. [Candidate Sources Report]
23. The Commonwealth Ombudsman has supported the government with respect to every complaint ever lodged relating to Schapelle Corby by members of the public. The same applies to the ACMA, the OAIC, and every other quango presented to the public as a ‘watchdog’. [Quango Report]
24. . Serious media abuses, including direct criminal matters, such as phone hacking and illegal recording, were submitted to the Finkelstein media inquiry in 2011, but were excluded. Compelling evidence of political interference with respect to the ABC, and of subsequent editorial and reporting abuses, continues to be ignored. [Media Reports]
25. The Attorney-General refused to accept a formal Crime Report, including a 450 page evidential Addendum, which documented serious breaches of the law by politicians and the AFP. [Crime Report].
26. When Schapelle Corby was released on parole, in February 2014, the AFP dealt with the looming threat that she may expose the above information on television via a series of intimidatory raids, by dozens of armed officers, on the offices of Seven Network. The AFP similarly raided the offices of Mercedes Corby's lawyers, seizing everything in sight, including confidential material on potential legal action against the AFP itself. [Report].
27. Subsequent to the AFP raids, Schapelle Corby was illegally gagged. If she speaks to the media she will be re-imprisoned. If her sister speaks to the media, again, Schapelle Corby will be re-imprisoned. This flagrant breach of human rights was fully endorsed by her own government in Canberra. [Report].

Child Protective Services Kids Found in Human Trafficking

Child Protective Services agencies are intended to take care of children with nowhere else to go, but corruption has infiltrated the government custodial system - putting kids at great risk. National Safe Child founder Tammi Stefano takes a look at the problem and reveals cases of CPS children who ended up working in the growing human sex trafficking trade in this short clip from the full length Buzzsaw interview with Sean Stone.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Defense attorneys file "sentencing memorandum" calling for judge NOT to imprison Rasmea Odeh

Rasmea Defense Committee
For Immediate Release: Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Supporters mobilize for March 12 sentencing in Detroit

Today, defense attorneys for Rasmea Odeh, Chicago’s 67-year-old Palestinian community leader, filed a “sentencing memorandum” in a Detroit federal court, arguing that Odeh “should not be sentenced to further imprisonment” following her conviction in November 2014 on a single charge of Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization.  Included in the memorandum were “over 70 letters from religious leaders, university professors, human rights attorneys, community activists and people who have worked with her, attesting to her extraordinary and original work with Arab immigrant women.”

Maysoon Gharbieh, a member of the 600-strong Arab Women’s Committee that Rasmea built in Chicago, wrote, “Rasmea is a valuable and lovely icon for us and for the entire community. She works without reward or personal profit. All she cares about is supporting and protecting us and our families. Her ultimate goal is to help develop families that are educated, active and effective in contributing to keeping the community and the country safe for all who live here.”

In support of Odeh, Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton of Detroit wrote, “I am asking for compassion in her sentencing. Rasmea has much to offer her community...keeping her out of prison would allow her to continue as a contributing and productive person, doing the work that is so critical to hundreds of refugee women.”

Odeh’s attorneys are asking Judge Gershwin Drain to take her age, poor health, chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and “exemplary history in the United States” into consideration when deciding on her sentence, adding that “there is no reasonable justification for sending Ms. Odeh to federal prison.”

Despite the fact that 98% of all sentences for this offense are at or below sentencing guidelines, the prosecution has called for a heavier, enhanced one of 5 to 7 years, based on allegations that Odeh obstructed justice in her trial and on this ridiculous comparison: “A light sentence in this case would be a signal to anyone who has fought overseas for ISIS or a similar organization that there is not much risk in coming to the United States, hiding one’s past, and seeking citizenship."

Odeh’s attorneys challenge this linkage, writing, “The Government, for its part, insists that the defendant be branded a terrorist, and sentenced accordingly, based on a conviction for bombings obtained in an illegitimate military trial, conducted by war criminals, 45 years ago.  Their position is that only the bombing matters: Not the illegal 1967 massacres and occupation - let alone the military ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians from the land and their homes when Palestine was partitioned in 1948 - not the midnight sweeps and kidnapping by the invading Army after the 1967 war, not the torture, not the kangaroo court and false confessions, not the prison time.”

Odeh plans to appeal her conviction, and will request the granting of an appellate bond no matter the sentence, which could be the prison time, heavy fines, and deportation.

“Hundreds of people will be in Detroit for the sentencing hearing on March 12th,” says Tampa’s Marisol Marquez of the national Rasmea Defense Committee, “and there have been, and will continue to be, events and fundraisers to support Rasmea all across the country. She’s a beloved leader of the Palestinian community, and we will not stop organizing until she’s exonerated.”

For more information and background on Rasmea Odeh’s case, go to http://justice4rasmea.org.

Freedom Archives 522 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

NAACP Statement on DOJ’s Decision Not to File Civil Rights Charges Against George Zimmerman:

NAACP Statement on DOJ’s Decision Not to File Civil Rights Charges Against George Zimmerman:
The NAACP will continue to fight for the removal of Stand Your Ground laws in every state, and we will not rest until racial profiling in all its forms is outlawed. The NAACP continues to remain committed to justice no matter how long or how difficult. No one should be protected by the law when committing senseless crimes or any act of violence. Our deepest prayers and support continue to be with the family of Trayvon Martin. - Cornell William Brooks, NAACP President & CEO

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

NASIHA (For Muslims in America): On The Challenges of this Age

11006 Veirs Mill Rd, STE L-15, PMB 298
Silver Spring, MD. 20902
The Challenges of this Age

Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace):

The imminent Muslim leader and grassroots intellectual El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) was
known to say, “The media is very powerful. The media has the power to make a guilty person look innocent, and the innocent person look guilty.”
Our “Black Shining Prince,” as the socially committed artist extraodinaire Ossie Davis referred to Malcolm after his death, was not the first independent thinker to publicly upbraid the media apparatus in the West for the periodic misuse of its power, and its ability to distort the truth. Listen to what George Orwell had to say in his celebrated work titled, ‘Homage to Catalonia.’
“Early in life I noticed that no event is correctly reported in a newspaper, but in Spain, for the first time, I saw newspaper reports which did not bear any relation to the facts, not even the relationship that is implied in an ordinary lie. I saw great battles reported where there had been no fighting, and complete silence where hundreds of men had been killed…and I saw newspapers in London retailing these lies, and eager intellectuals building emotional superstructures over events that had never happened. I saw, in fact, history being written not in terms of what happened, but of whatought to have happened according to various party lines.”

The noble Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) is reported to have said, “One of the best jihads is to speak truth to a [governing authority] that has deviated from the right way.” Properly understood, this moral mandate encompasses both the governing authority and the powerful (behind the scenes) opinion shaping apparatus that assists, sometimes encourages, the governing authority in its deviation from the moral dictates of truth and justice.
One of the biggest failings of Muslim leaders (and other faith-based leaders) in the present age is the failure to lead – the failure to be that desperately needed moral compass in today’s world! Muslim leaders today are content with being well polished, well spoken, good looking reactionaries (more politician than faith leader) – within an empire acceptable framework! One of the most glaring examples of this unsavory reality is the fiasco that just took place at the White House in Washington, DC.
At the three-day, highly touted CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) Conference, Muslim leaders appeared to serve as little more than attractive window dressing - a visual showcase that offered the illusion of inclusion – while the issues that shouldhave been prominently on the table for discussion were either absent or peripheral to the conversation at best.
Meanwhile, the overall premise for the three-day synod was blatantly false (i.e. that elements within the Muslim community represent the greatest violent threat to the US and western civilization). As such, this agreed upon framework, and its proposed outcomes, ended up presenting a greater threat to the very interests (i.e. constituency) that these “Muslim leaders” were ostensibly there to represent! One is left with the painful impression that the leaders who attended the synod, generally speaking, were just damn happy to be there!
The bottom line is: We – Muslims in America and our embarrassingly fractured and faith-deficient “leadership” - have got to do better than this! We cannot afford to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over, again and again. There is too much at stake. Toward this end we, in partnership with (not led by, but in partnership with) sincere non-Muslim friends and activists, must set our own independent agenda.

That agenda must include the following:
1.      A willingness to aggressively and consistently challenge offending media (individuals and organizations) andoffending politicians, along with their respective supporters and handlers, on the false narrative represented by the so-called violent/extremist/Muslim threat!
2.      The FACTS on who is committing the bulk of extreme violence (aka, domestic terrorism) in America, and demand that the media report the facts as they are – and not as they would like for them to be “according to various party lines.”
3.      The FACTS on which community has been bearing the brunt of hate crimes in America. The recent murders of Deah, Yusor and Razan in Chapel Hill, North Carolina should prominently remain front and center in this ongoing fact-based public debate!
4.      An aggressive, community-wide campaign for the freedom of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. (March 2015 will mark 12 years of unjust, torturous imprisonment for this innocent Muslim woman. Meanwhile, Muslims leaders in America,generally speaking, have continued to shamefully fail to measure up to the challenge and danger that this precedent-setting political imprisonment has come to represent!)
5.      An aggressive campaign to draw attention to the [predominantly young male] Muslims who have been given sentences involving DECADES of imprisonment for aspirational offenses, which more often than not involved a government paid informant/agent-provocateur leading and encouraging the so-called “conspiracy” that never materialized! These cases must be re-visited for redress sooner rather than later. For in any truly just society THE PUNISHMENT MUST FIT THE CRIME!
6.      A willingness (through faith) to muster the courage to CHALLENGE OPPRESSION and NOT SIMPLY BE A RUBBER STAMP for what the government wants to do – or say; nor to be silent when that silence constitutes betrayal!
7.      In short, we must demonstrate with our actions the willingness and loving capacity to HAVE FAITH IN OUR FAITH!
(This is especially important for the most impressionable and vulnerable among us, who need to see and be inspired by such examples the most!)

On a final note, I am forwarding a well written piece of commentary (below) by one of our young sisters in South Africa. It was forwarded to me after a recent interview that I did with one of South Africa’s Muslim owned and operated broadcast networks (CII); it provides some valuable insight into how we in America are being viewed abroad.

May ALLAH guide and fortify us in the struggle ahead. Ameen!
El-Hajj Mauri’ Saalakhan
Jumada Al-Awwal 1436 A.H.


Wrong time to be Muslims in America

Posted On 17 Feb 2015
On February the 11, 3 US Muslims were gunned down in cold, Islamophobic outrage by a white terrorist. Where was the mainstream media coverage? It is an absolute shame that the same media houses who were fervently reporting the Charlie Hebdo attacks just a couple of weeks ago, claiming to be heroes of all kinds of freedoms and democracy, were absolutely silent when Muslims were on the other end of the gun.
An outspoken white atheist, Craig Stephen Hicks, murdered three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. More than 10 hours after the murders, when some news outlets decided to cover the story, it was reported that police had said the crime may have grown out of a dispute over “parking”. Yusor Mohammad, Deah Barakat and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha were not killed execution style over a parking lot. Their father, Abu-Salha, reports what his daughter Yusor (who wears a headscarf) had said regarding Hicks just a week before he put a bullet in each of their heads: “Honest to God, he hates us for what we are and how we look.” The youngsters had told their families that they had a “hateful neighbour” who would talk to them with “his gun in his belt”. We do know, without a doubt, that had Hicks been a Muslim and his victims atheists, none would be waiting for all the facts to come in before declaring him a terrorist. There would be the usual calls for other Muslims to condemn the killings. Violence perpetrated by Muslims is always seen as part of a global terrorism, whereas white men like Hicks are usually seen as isolated psychopaths.
But how true is this? Hicks fits the profile of the most common type of American terrorist- a white man with a weapon and a grudge. How many of us know that more than 90% of mass shootings in the US are committed by white men between the ages of 15 and 46. According to the latest FBI statistics, there were more than 160 anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2013. Mosques and Islamic centers have been firebombed and vandalized; seven mosques were attacked during Ramadan alone in 2012.
Alia Ansari, a 37 year old mother of 6, was shot point blank in the head in what was revealed to have religious hate behind the motive of her killing. Another young victim of Islamophobia, 15 year old Abdisamad Sheikh-Hussein was killed by a deliberate hit and run for being Muslim in December last year. These, just like the murders of Yusor, her husband, Deah, and her sister, Razan will never make our headlines, nor will we see world leaders mobilise themselves within hours to safeguard the freedom to religion and life.
Loss of life is always regrettable. But there are no separate standards for different people. When 3 Muslim students who, evident from their social networking sites were committed to humanitarian work and only ever having a good word to say, are murdered in cold blood the very least I’d like to see is some news coverage. Ideally, I want to see protests. I want to see marches. I want to see the same outrage expressed in France. Because Muslim lives matter too.
To quote Stephen Lendman: “Post 9/11, Muslims were targeted for political advantage. Post-Boston Bombings, America’s war on Islam continues. Muslims are ‘war on terror’ scapegoats. It is the wrong time to be Muslims in America. They are persecuted for their faith and ethnicity. At times it is for the activism, prominence, and/or charity”.
About the Author
Aayesha J. Soni is a medical student at Wits University and the Vice Chairperson of MRN. She is committed to fighting injustice across a broad spectrum. Aayesha’s pieces have been published in leading newspapers, including The Star, Natal Witness, News24 and Palestine Chronicle.


Hello friends,

I have great news from the State of Georgia! The link below is the Georgia Executive Order to BAN THE BOX signed yesterday (02/23/15) by Governor Nathan Deal (R). RIHD's Executive Director, Lillie Branch-Kennedy and I were at the Georgia State House last month to support the incredible effort on the ground to ban the odious box of employment discrimination in Georgia. We salute the courage of the Governor of Georgia and our friends and colleagues in Georgia who fought gallantly for this change. NOW WE NEED OUR OWN GOVERNOR TERRY MCAULIFFE TO SHOW LEADERSHIP AND COURAGE BY SIGNING A SIMILAR ORDER TO BAN THE BOX IN VIRGINIA. 


When Whites Get a Free Pass: Research Shows White Privilege is Real

NEW HAVEN — THE recent reunion show for the 40th anniversary of “Saturday Night Live” re-aired a portion of Eddie Murphy’s 1984 classic “White Like Me” skit, in which he disguised himself to appear Caucasian and quickly learned that “when white people are alone, they give things to each other for free.”
The joke still has relevance. A field experiment about who gets free bus rides in Brisbane, a city on the eastern coast of Australia, shows that even today, whites get special privileges, particularly when other people aren’t around to notice.
As they describe in two working papers, Redzo Mujcic and Paul Frijters, economists at the University of Queensland, trained and assigned 29 young adult testers (from both genders and different ethnic groups) to board public buses in Brisbane and insert an empty fare card into the bus scanner. After the scanner made a loud sound informing the driver that the card did not have enough value, the testers said, “I do not have any money, but I need to get to” a station about 1.2 miles away. (The station varied according to where the testers boarded.)
With more than 1,500 observations, the study uncovered substantial, statistically significant race discrimination. Bus drivers were twice as willing to let white testers ride free as black testers (72 percent versus 36 percent of the time). Bus drivers showed some relative favoritism toward testers who shared their own race, but even black drivers still favored white testers over black testers (allowing free rides 83 percent versus 68 percent of the time).
The study also found that racial disparities persisted when the testers wore business attire or dressed in army uniforms. For example, testers wearing army uniforms were allowed to ride free 97 percent of the time if they were white, but only 77 percent of the time if they were black.

People For Schapelle Corby #Icare4innocentSchapelle

Even with two reformed men facing brutal execution, Fairfax Media cannot resist the temptation to abuse Schapelle Corby. The letter below was sent in protest at their twisted efforts to link Schapelle to this desperate situation:
I see that Fairfax Media is back to its usual ways:
“Corby's clemency, which allowed her to serve the rest of her sentence outside prison in Bali until she is permitted to return home in 2017, also hurt Chan and Sukumaran because it generated a firestorm of public hostility against foreign drug traffickers”
This isn’t true. Fairfax Media caused the “firestorm”, via its unremitting prodding and poking in Indonesia itself, and its countless hostile and fabricated reports. The outright provocation of Jakarta, and of individual officials, was unprecedented. It was never ending.
Don’t you recall the countless direct approaches to Indonesian authorities and politicians, actively stirring up trouble, at every turn? Have you forgotten the Fairfax Media campaign to persuade them to block her interview: to stop her exposing a few home truths (including about the squalor of some of your employees)? Unfortunately for Fairfax Media, all this is on record, and more.
Don’t you think that your campaign had an impact on how the very same parties you lobbied viewed Australians in Kerobokan generally? Don’t you think that it encouraged a hostile attitude to all Australian prisoners? I am not the only one who can see the obvious implications of Fairfax Media’s long term activity.
The thinly veiled efforts to somehow apportion blame in her direction are absolutely gross: “Schapelle Corby's clemency hurts death row Bali nine pair's legal challenge”. As is the usual litany of re-enforcement of your own abhorrent propaganda: “Corby was arrested in 2004 for attempting to smuggle 4 kilograms of marijuana through Denpasar airport”. All this whilst wilfully censoring the FOI data which conclusively proves her innocence.
I feel increasingly confident that, one day, those responsible will have to answer to the people of Australia.
Further information on the appalling activities of Fairfax Media, IN INDONESIA ITSELF, can be viewed on the following web page:
 People For Schapelle Corby

Don't Let Them Get Away With Murder by Jasiri X (ft. Emmanuel "Manny" Deanda)

Directed by Susanne Rostock


© 2015

Sunday, 22 February 2015

New Poem by Jalil Muntaqim


The absence of Joy, void of contentment
when feelings only feel loss, and ideas
are absorbed in delusion.

It speaks in monosyllables, if at
all, in the tone of E-flat, neither
screeching or beseeching, bleaching
anguish from a wound discovered
from the inside-out.

Inside-out, outside bombarbed by racist
radiation enveloping one's being in a
bubble of white ambivalence, pushing
the envelope to a point of irrelevance
when what matters does not matter.

Black Lives Matter! Our Collective
Humanity Matters!

Solitary confinement, an antiseptic
whitewashed reality caused by the
imposition of nullification as people
of color are relegated to a Prison Nation.

Denied purpose
Denied reason
Denied hope

The hypocrisy of democracy
We Will Not Be Denied!
We proclaim
No Justice No Peace!
That's No Lie!

Part Two:

Living Black in a white world
but taught to not be racist,
contradictions of a paradox
wrapped in an enigma the
mystery lost in history not
taught why the first is now

Not racist but pro-Black
not Anti-Israel but
pro-Palestine liberation
(they too are semitic)
building a future for the poor
when the rich want more, the
poor loving freedom like
the rich love their billions.

Reconciliation through Revolution???

Part Three:

Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Imperialist,
Anti-Exploitation, Anti-Racism,
Anti-Hegemony, Anti-Class Divisions,
Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Oppression,
Anti-Repression, Anti-Sexism,
Anti-Chauvinism, Anti-Plutocracy …

These are progenitors of PAIN!!!

Now labeled as Anti-American?


February 2015
Jalil Muntaqim
Attica, NY State
Write to Jalil (he loves to correspond with people about his writing):

Anthony J. Bottom #77A4283
Attica C.F.
P.O. Box 149
Attica, NY 14011-0149 


Free All Political Prisoners!

A surviver

Picture from google 

A surviver or a thriver of some kind of abuse.
Most of us have fought a battle
We shouldn't have.
There are so many survivers of child abuse and Domestic violence that go through life and you wouldn't think twice.
Because many put on a brave facade and manage to live a seemingly unaffected life.
But what you don't see is this....

The pain in their eyes
The broken heart
The shame they feel
The burden of blame
An escaped solitary tear
A flicker of sadness
The inner turmoil
Memories locked away
Disbelief and distress
Anger and anxiety
Lifelong secrets
A facade waiting to Crack
Walking on eggshells
Constantly berating oneself
Feeling ashamed off it
To scared to trust
Always a barrier of pain, sadness and heartsche
Plus many seek solace
To try and block it out
With drugs or alchohol
Or both
Some turn to crime
And go to prision
Many wouldn't be there
If they hadn't been abused
Broken and discarded.
By parents and carers
Be it in home, care, church
Any environment.....
There are many other factors
Depression and death
Angst, anxiety and anger.
Inner turmoil and stress
Post traumatic stress syndrome
Dissaccoative disorder
Mental health issues
Trauma and terror
Sadness and sorrow
Eating disorders
Body dysmorphic disorder
Many immune disorders
Sexual health issues
More phobias than I know
Obvious ones
Obsessive compulsive disorder.
Many have one, some or all of these symptoms.
But don't know or realise why.
Tell your story to whomever you like and get help.
Iif you have issues and were abused then you deserve help, and guidance and understanding.
Cause if that's is the root cause and you don't acknowledge it
You will spend your life
Running, hiding and trying to
Forget it happened.
Until it comes crashing down or simply overwhelms you.
It's not shameful
You are not to blame
And you deserve help
To live your life
Happy, peaceful and free
Many become homeless
And have to leave
Thst toxic environment
Sadly many can't cope and
Take their lives to free
Themselves of pain.
If any is applicable to you
You deserve help
And to others I say
Don't judge anyone
Because you havnt
Got a clue what happened
To them......
All forms of Domestic violence
And child abuse
Is not an individual's problem
It's society's disease
Because it looks the other way.

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Slap, True Abuse and Corrupt Child Protection with Tammi Stefano

The Slap, and the truth about child abuse, endangerment, and the corruption in Child Protective Services is explored in this discussion with Tammi Stefano. The justice system’s failure to protect endangered children from danger, Kids for Cash, exploitation of the adoption system, human trafficking, and what is necessary to end corruption and fix the system is featured on this uncensored Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.


Tammi Stefano is the Executive Director of The National Safe Child Coalition (NSCC). Tammi has spent over two decades on front lines fighting for child safety. She understands the emotions of being victimized, having survived a kidnapping in her younger years. Determination was the driving force that prompted her to go undercover to catch a pedophile school teacher. Tammi’s hands-on advocacy work has drawn comparisons to Erin Brockovich. She brings a background of legal research, training in child sexual abuse, certification as a Supervising Visitation Monitor and years working with parents on their Family Court cases. Having launched Capital Campaigns for Law Enforcement, Fire Organizations and Public Schools, Tammi is eager to launch a campaign to reform a broken system.

Tammi is on the Planning Committee for the International Violence Abuse and Trauma Conference (IVAT). She also is on IVAT’s Sub-Committees; Child Maltreatment Victims (physical and Sexual Abuse); Children Exposed to Violence; Legal & Criminal Justice Issues. Tammi is a member of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence (NPEIV) and is Co-Chairwoman on their Networking & Public Relations Committee.






Buzzsaw Full Episodes:


Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist:






00:01 Welcoming Tammi Stefano to Buzzsaw.

00:30 The premise of The Slap.

01:55 Different degrees of child abuse and the punishments.

07:05 Children killing parents to escape their abusers.

09:00 Problems with reporting abuse to Child Protective Services.

13:15 Issues with divorce in courts involving abusive parents.

16:50 Corruption in the court system and Kids for Cash. 

22:00 Why Stefano is passionate about protecting children.

25:45 Human trafficking bust in Orange County.

27:50 The faults and dangers of Child Protective Services.

32:35 What can be done to reform the broken system?

37:30 Adults adopting children strictly to collect stipends.

42:40 Where to reach Tammi Stefano for help and where to watch her show.

45:45 Thank you and goodbye