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Monday, 9 February 2015

The killing fields of the aristocracy and powerful elites.

A letter a day to number 10. No 995

Monday 09 February 2015. The killing fields of the aristocracy and powerful elites.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Subservience is not a virtue and forced subservience is a crime against humanity. History is littered with the extravagant use and abuse of the lives of ordinary people by those who presume to power. The abuses are too great and too many to even begin to list them here. Whatever the self serving mythology of royalty and the aristocracy, even a cursory glance at history reveals the contempt in which the lives of ordinary are held and the fawning adoration and unthinking obedience expected of us.

In recent times I can think of no better example of the utter contempt in which the lives of ordinary people are held than in the food banks debate in the House of Commons when Tories jeered and mocked the stories of hardship that people were, and are, suffering or perhaps your announcing permanent austerity for the nation as you celebrated the gluttony of power and excess at the Lord Mayors banquet.

There is a cartoon that's been around for a while of a young lad saying to his father, "Dad, I am considering a career in organised crime." To which his father responds, "Government or private sector?" It's pretty funny as far as it goes, but, of course, there is a glaring absence in his aspirations of criminality to which he could never aspire, the aristocracy. He might, if he strives hard, be rewarded with, say, an OBE, or some such, a fawning recognition of achievement, but he will forever be excluded from the class that has raped and pillaged its way through history and across the world with impunity.

A new book called 'Breadline Britain' reveals that 20 million people in Britain are now living in poverty, doubling since 1983. This is the war on the poor presided over by you and your government and in which Iain Duncan Smith is the Grand Vizier, beating people into poverty through welfare threats and sanctions, forcing obedience from people who hope for of a crumb of sustenance and yet depriving his victims of the means of survival for the most spurious of reasons.

With nearly 29,000 people dying of cold in the two weeks to January 23 and uncounted numbers dead from sanctions, benefit delays and driven beyond despair, a bullet to the head would be more honest in your heinous war on the poor and the growing genocide in this country amongst our most disabled and vulnerable people. It was Frank Herbert who wrote, "The position of authority is the most prosperous criminal position available." Crooks in suits and ermine are stealing the world and its resources, give me an honest robber any day, at least he doesn't expect people to wave flags and bunting or reward him as he goes about his nefarious business.









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