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Sunday, 22 February 2015

A surviver

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A surviver or a thriver of some kind of abuse.
Most of us have fought a battle
We shouldn't have.
There are so many survivers of child abuse and Domestic violence that go through life and you wouldn't think twice.
Because many put on a brave facade and manage to live a seemingly unaffected life.
But what you don't see is this....

The pain in their eyes
The broken heart
The shame they feel
The burden of blame
An escaped solitary tear
A flicker of sadness
The inner turmoil
Memories locked away
Disbelief and distress
Anger and anxiety
Lifelong secrets
A facade waiting to Crack
Walking on eggshells
Constantly berating oneself
Feeling ashamed off it
To scared to trust
Always a barrier of pain, sadness and heartsche
Plus many seek solace
To try and block it out
With drugs or alchohol
Or both
Some turn to crime
And go to prision
Many wouldn't be there
If they hadn't been abused
Broken and discarded.
By parents and carers
Be it in home, care, church
Any environment.....
There are many other factors
Depression and death
Angst, anxiety and anger.
Inner turmoil and stress
Post traumatic stress syndrome
Dissaccoative disorder
Mental health issues
Trauma and terror
Sadness and sorrow
Eating disorders
Body dysmorphic disorder
Many immune disorders
Sexual health issues
More phobias than I know
Obvious ones
Obsessive compulsive disorder.
Many have one, some or all of these symptoms.
But don't know or realise why.
Tell your story to whomever you like and get help.
Iif you have issues and were abused then you deserve help, and guidance and understanding.
Cause if that's is the root cause and you don't acknowledge it
You will spend your life
Running, hiding and trying to
Forget it happened.
Until it comes crashing down or simply overwhelms you.
It's not shameful
You are not to blame
And you deserve help
To live your life
Happy, peaceful and free
Many become homeless
And have to leave
Thst toxic environment
Sadly many can't cope and
Take their lives to free
Themselves of pain.
If any is applicable to you
You deserve help
And to others I say
Don't judge anyone
Because you havnt
Got a clue what happened
To them......
All forms of Domestic violence
And child abuse
Is not an individual's problem
It's society's disease
Because it looks the other way.

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