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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Charities warned

Charities warned that David Cameron's plan to axe housing benefit for young people and reduce the benefits cap will throw more people onto the streets
A benefits crackdown by David Cameron will throw more people on to the streets and penalise single mums, charities warned last night. frown emoticon
The PM said he would axe housing benefit for 18-to 21-year-olds and cap benefit at £23,000 a year – a cut of £3,000 – if re-elected in May.
Mr Cameron said welfare should no longer be a 'lifestyle choice'.
But he ruled out taking benefits such as free TV licences and bus travel from richer pensioners, saying it 'would not save much money'.
Charities said his plans would be a “disaster” for hundreds of thousands of families.
Shelter said: “We need a welfare system that’s fair, but taking away the safety net that stands between some young people and homelessness would be a disaster."
Crisis said: “We know half of all homeless people become homeless aged under 21. Without benefits, many more will end up on the streets.”
And anti-poverty groups said the benefit cap would hit families with children the hardest.
Child Poverty Action Group (UK) - CPAG said: “It would pile on misery for families already struggling to pay for absolute basics.”
Gingerbread Centre said: "Despite government claims that the benefits cap helps people into work, most people affected so far haven’t been able to do so."
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