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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

On Behalf of Wadiya Jamal and Mumia Abu-Jamal, A Contribution Request


Wadiya Jamal, Samiya (1978-2014) and Dolly
Samiya “Goldii” Abdullah, a daughter of Wadiya Jamal and Mumia Abu-Jamal died on December 17, 2014 after years of battle with breast cancer. Samiya would have been 37 this January 9 and is survived by two young daughters, Aiyanah and Aaiyah, affectionately known as Dolly and Puddy, ages eleven and four.
Samiya was a remarkable woman. She was accomplished as a musician, an activist and rapper on social justice, particularly in the struggle for Mumia’s freedom. She devoured books and education. During her long, often debilitating illness, Samiya finished her Masters Degree in School and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania with honors. She was dedicated to her young daughters and wanted them to grow up loving each other as much as she did her brothers and sisters. And she wanted her daughters to see Mumia (called “Pop Pop” by them) walk out of prison and home with their grandmother, Wadiya.
Samiya's active fight for Mumia's freedom, began at the young age of four. Mumia wrote about this in “The Visit” printed in Live from Death Row in 1994. This was recreated in the movie "Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary."
Samiya’s strength, character and spirit were nurtured by Wadiya and Mumia and are being passed on to her daughters.
On behalf of Wadiya Jamal and Mumia Abu-Jamal, this is a request for funds to assist Wadiya for care of her granddaughters, Dolly and Puddy.
A financial contribution of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Please send checks or money orders, made payable to Wadiya Jamal:

Wadiya Jamal
P.O. Box 19404
Kingsessing Postal Station
Philadelphia, PA 19143-9998
In loving memory of Samiya and in tribute to her fierce fight for life,
Rachel Wolkenstein
Sister, Advocate and Friend of the Extended Family
"My father is still considered to be a dangerous individual … his mind is what they fear, there is over- whelming evidence that would exonerate him of his conviction.
"He is an innocent man and the commonwealth has always known this, but being too Black, too smart, and too strong … The government will silence anyone that possesses the power to open the minds of the people."    
Samiya (Goldii) Performs at Mumia's 55th
Birthday & Book Release Party (2009)

From Adriana and Gerardo: To the friends of the Cuban 5 who share our happiness

To the friends who share
our happiness

Photos: Bill Hackwell

Since December 17 we have been living some very intense days. The hours have not been nearly enough time to respond to the hundreds of messages that we have received through many different ways. And now with the arrival of Gema, coming very soon, it is possible that we will have even less time to communicate. But it is important to us that you know that there has not been one day in which we have not thought about all of you. Today we enjoy with all of you this victory represented in the return of the Five to the Homeland.

The effort of each and every one of you has contributed to making this triumph possible. For more than 16 years the Five have dreamt about this happiness that we are now living. Your continued struggle on our behalf has made this all possible. And today, as we are showered with the love of our people, the gratitude for all the sisters and brothers, from around the world, who have supported us during all this time is multiplied.

On behalf of the Five and our families we wish you a happy and very successful 2015, and congratulate you on the 56th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

A big embrace,

Adriana, Gerardo (and Gema).

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Monday, 29 December 2014

House Offers Hope to Victims of Sex Trafficking

The Samaritan Women house in Baltimore is one of only a small number of residential treatment programs for adult female victims of human and sex trafficking in the United States. Residents say it's changed their lives.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Can you feel that ? It feels like a tremor !

It's not the stress of tectonic plates pushing together though, it's the stress of 13 million people living in poverty realising it's Monday tomorrow and things will be back to "normal".
The postman will arrive with bills you can't pay, Council tax Court letters, letters from bailiffs, forms, Atos letters that state you're fit to work despite your cancer or learning disabilities. They'll be letters of eviction too and you've no credit left to phone anyone for help - besides you've no spirit left to fight anything anymore.
People will be saying do this or that, or phone here and you'll politely say yes knowing you won't. Your spirit is broken and you're just so tired of it all - more questions, more forms, more idiots who don't understand let alone really care.
But hey look on the bright side lots of people think when Labour get in on May 15 that the next day it will be all roses and rainbows.....Except for those under 25 who will have all benefits stopped, which include many with kids and disabled people trying to save the ILF and get WCA changed and.......
I got told last week I was demoralising, I don't agree - truth is truth, embellishing it is lying
Truth is the rich will continue getting richer whilst the poor go hungry and freeze, two elderly people have probably died due to being unable to heat their homes properly whilst I write this.......one every 7 minutes. (Yes I know it's not 14 minutes worth of typing but I have to think how to phrase things without expletives).
Wonder what it's like to be sanctioned, like the 870,000 last year ? To be hungry and cold then told you're not getting anything after working 30 years say and paying NI ?
Panic I expect ! "Who can I loan from? How will I pay the rent? How will I get electric on my key ? Credit on my phone ?...."How am I going to eat ?".
See I've never experienced sanctioning, many of you out there have never experienced any part of that area of the system but most have advice. Mostly simple advice like "Get a job". Cos that's easy like the thousands who don't get the 40 odd jobs with Lidl just pop down to Sainsburys and get one there.
Last count there were 500,000 vacancies in the UK but over 2 million unemployed not counting the other nearly 3 million hidden. But hey you're 54 and fit for work according to Atos, you've got Cancer which you have to go for chemo for every week but why should that stop you competing, employers will fall over themselves to take you on. Oooh don;t apply to City Link though....they might be in a spot of bother. Or any of the 30,000 jobs that are put on the Job Centre site that are bogus as has been proved.
Ohhhh I could sit here and ramble on all night...Wouldn't make the slightest odds. Not sure anyone listens anymore let alone really cares. Back to putting up the reports of the suicides next week I suppose, the evictions, the maltreatment, the sanctions, the Joke Centre stories.....Life, don't talk to me about life........

Carl Green

Assata Shakur : An Open Letter To The Media

This was a forward nycjericho received. We apologize for the date, which is erroneous. 
Apparently, Assata wrote this letter in 1998.
NYC Jericho Movement

Assata Shakur : An Open Letter To The Media

My name is Assata Shakur, and I am a 20th century escaped slave.
Because of government persecution, I was left with no other choice than
to flee from the political repression, racism and violence that
dominate the US government’s policy towards people of color. I am an
ex-political prisoner, and I have been living in exile in Cuba since

I have been a political activist most of my life, and although the U.S.
government has done everything in its power to criminalize me, I am not
a criminal, nor have I ever been one. In the 1960s, I participated in
various struggles: the black liberation movement, the student rights
movement, and the movement to end the war in Vietnam. I joined the
Black Panther Party. By 1969 the Black Panther Party had become the
number one organization targeted by the FBI’s COINTELPRO program.
Because the Black Panther Party demanded the total liberation of black
people, J. Edgar Hoover called it “greatest threat to the internal
security of the country” and vowed to destroy it and its leaders and

In 1978, my case was one of many cases bought before the United Nations
Organization in a petition filed by the National Conference of Black
Lawyers, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression,
and the United Church of Christ Commission for Racial Justice, exposing
the existence of political prisoners in the United States, their
political persecution, and the cruel and inhuman treatment they receive
in US prisons. According to the report:

“The FBI and the New York Police Department in particular, charged and
accused Assata Shakur of participating in attacks on law enforcement
personnel and widely circulated such charges and accusations among
police agencies and units. The FBI and the NYPD further charged her as
being a leader of the Black Liberation Army which the government and
its respective agencies described as an organization engaged in the
shooting of police officers.

This description of the Black Liberation Army and the accusation of
Assata Shakur’s relationship to it was widely circulated by government
agents among police agencies and units. As a result of these activities
by the government, Ms. Shakur became a hunted person; posters in police
precincts and banks described her as being involved in serious criminal
activities; she was highlighted on the FBI’s most wanted list; and to
police at all levels she became a ‘shoot-to-kill’ target.”

I was falsely accused in six different “criminal cases” and in all six
of these cases I was eventually acquitted or the charges were
dismissed. The fact that I was acquitted or that the charges were
dismissed, did not mean that I received justice in the courts, that was
certainly not the case. It only meant that the “evidence” presented
against me was so flimsy and false that my innocence became evident.
This political persecution was part and parcel of the government’s
policy of eliminating political opponents by charging them with crimes
and arresting them with no regard to the factual basis of such charges.

On May 2, 1973 I, along with Zayd Malik Shakur and Sundiata Acoli were
stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike, supposedly for a “faulty tail
light.” Sundiata Acoli got out of the car to determine why we were
stopped. Zayd and I remained in the car. State trooper Harper then came
to the car, opened the door and began to question us. Because we were
black, and riding in a car with Vermont license plates, he claimed he
became “suspicious.” He then drew his gun, pointed it at us, and told
us to put our hands up in the air, in front of us, where he could see
them. I complied and in a split second, there was a sound that came
from outside the car, there was a sudden movement, and I was shot once
with my arms held up in the air, and then once again from the back.

Zayd Malik Shakur was later killed, trooper Werner Foerster was killed,
and even though trooper Harper admitted that he shot and killed Zayd
Malik Shakur, under the New Jersey felony murder law, I was charged
with killing both Zayd Malik Shakur, who was my closest friend and
comrade, and charged in the death of trooper Foerster. Never in my life
have I felt such grief. Zayd had vowed to protect me, and to help me to
get to a safe place, and it was clear that he had lost his life, trying
to protect both me and Sundiata. Although he was also unarmed, and the
gun that killed trooper Foerster was found under Zayd’s leg, Sundiata
Acoli, who was captured later, was also charged with both deaths.
Neither Sundiata Acoli nor I ever received a fair trial We were both
convicted in the news media way before our trials. No news media was
ever permitted to interview us, although the New Jersey police and the
FBI fed stories to the press on a daily basis. In 1977, I was convicted
by an all- white jury and sentenced to life plus 33 years in prison.

In 1979, fearing that I would be murdered in prison, and knowing that I
would never receive any justice, I was liberated from prison, aided by
committed comrades who understood the depths of the injustices in my
case, and who were also extremely fearful for my life.

The U.S. Senate’s 1976 Church Commission report on intelligence
operations inside the USA, revealed that “The FBI has attempted
covertly to influence the public’s perception of persons and
organizations by disseminating derogatory information to the press,
either anonymously or through “friendly” news contacts.” This same
policy is evidently still very much in effect today.

On December 24, 1997, The New Jersey State called a press conference to
announce that New Jersey State Police had written a letter to Pope John
Paul II asking him to intervene on their behalf and to aid in having me
extradited back to New Jersey prisons. The New Jersey State Police
refused to make their letter public. Knowing that they had probably
totally distorted the facts, and attempted to get the Pope to do the
devils work in the name of religion, I decided to write the Pope to
inform him about the reality of’ “justice” for black people in the
State of New Jersey and in the United States. (See attached Letter to
the Pope).

In January of 1998, during the pope’s visit to Cuba, I agreed to do an
interview with NBC journalist Ralph Penza around my letter to the Pope,
about my experiences in New Jersey court system, and about the changes
I saw in the United States and it’s treatment of Black people in the
last 25 years. I agreed to do this interview because I saw this secret
letter to the Pope as a vicious, vulgar, publicity maneuver on the part
of the New Jersey State Police, and as a cynical attempt to manipulate
Pope John Paul II. I have lived in Cuba for many years, and was
completely out of touch with the sensationalist, dishonest, nature of
the establishment media today. It is worse today than it was 30 years

After years of being victimized by the “establishment” media it was
naive of me to hope that I might finally get the opportunity to tell
“my side of the story.” Instead of an interview with me, what took
place was a “staged media event” in three parts, full of distortions,
inaccuracies and outright lies. NBC purposely misrepresented the facts.
Not only did NBC spend thousands of dollars promoting this “exclusive
interview series” on NBC, they also spent a great deal of money
advertising this “exclusive interview” on black radio stations and also
placed notices in local newspapers.

Like most poor and oppressed people in the United States, I do not have
a voice. Black people, poor people in the U.S. have no real freedom of
speech, no real freedom of expression and very little freedom of the
press. The black press and the progressive media has historically
played an essential role in the struggle for social justice. We need to
continue and to expand that tradition. We need to create media outlets
that help to educate our people and our children, and not annihilate
their minds. I am only one woman.

I own no TV stations, or Radio Stations or Newspapers. But I feel that
people need to be educated as to what is going on, and to understand
the connection between the news media and the instruments of repression
in Amerika. All I have is my voice, my spirit and the will to tell the
truth. But I sincerely ask, those of you in the Black media, those of
you in the progressive media, those of you who believe in true
freedom, to publish this statement and to let people know what is
happening. We have no voice, so you must be the voice of the voiceless.

Free all Political Prisoners, I send you Love and Revolutionary
Greetings From Cuba, One of the Largest, Most Resistant and Most
Courageous Palenques (Maroon Camps) That has ever existed on the Face
of this Planet.

Assata Shakur
Havana, Cuba


Free All Political Prisoners!

Who are the Forgotten Australians?

These videos should be used with care. 
Some people—including the survivors themselves, but also others—will find it disturbing and distressing. These personal stories, and the vision of Children's Homes, are emotional and confronting. They are also moving and powerful, showing the strength of survivors and the things that inspire them to work for a better world.

Forgotten Australians or others who have experienced childhood trauma should consider seeking out the support of family or a trusted friend or counsellor when viewing these stories.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Mighty Girl

17-year-old Mighty Girl Mariah Smith of Hampton, Virginia had a life-changing moment when she encountered a homeless man shivering in a parking lot: she gave him food and a blanket from her car, and left determined to do more. Now, three years later, Mariah has handed out more than 80,000 blankets and bagged lunches to homeless people in her community through the non-profit organization she started, Blankets for the Homeless.
Mariah herself was dependent on the kindness of strangers as a child: abandoned as a newborn on Christmas Eve, she spent the first two years of her life in foster care before being adopted. When she gave away her first blanket in 2011, she realized how much difference such a small gesture could make to a person in need. “The look in his eye when I wrapped that blanket around him haunts me to this day," she told NBC News. "It was a look of desperation and appreciation all at once.”
Her mother, Moira, helped her launch her non-profit, which is dedicated to providing blankets, food, and other necessities to homeless people in the community. Word quickly spread among the homeless community, who nicknamed her Blanket Girl. It also spread among local churches, businesses, and schools, who started contributing to her work. “We couldn’t do all that we do without the support of the community,” she says.
Now a psychology major in college, Mariah spends hours every day gathering and distributing food and blankets. She also speaks at elementary schools, universities, and Girl Scout troops to raise awareness about homelessness, letting others know how they can make a difference: “Once you help someone who’s homeless it changes your life forever," she says. "You think about them when it rains; you think about them when it’s way too hot outside, when you can’t stand to be out there.” This Christmas season, with the help of local donors, she assembled over 850 stockings to hand out, full of supplies like toothbrushes, hats and gloves, as well as treats like cookies and personal messages of support.
In the long-term, Mariah would like to encourage others across the country to join her cause by keeping a box in their cars full of blankets, cold-weather gear, and non-perishable foods that they can give out immediately when they see someone in need. “I just want everyone to start to think about the homeless more and maybe themselves a little bit less especially in this time of year. I hope people will start opening their minds more and think about the reality that people are really going through.”
To learn more about Mariah's non-profit, Blankets for the Homeless Hampton Roads and how you can help support her work, visithttp://blanketsforthehomeless.org/ -- or read more about her story athttp://on.today.com/1JUrJcd
For two excellent new books to talk to children about the challenges faced by others in need, we recommend “Maddi’s Fridge” for ages 4 to 8 (http://www.amightygirl.com/maddi-s-fridge) and “Hold Fast” for ages 8 to 12 (http://www.amightygirl.com/hold-fast).
For more stories about the challenges faced by girls and women living in poverty, visit our "Poverty & Hardship" section at http://www.amightygirl.com/b…/social-issues/poverty-hardship
To show children how one act of kindness can bloom into something much greater, we recommend "Plant a Kiss" for ages 2 to 8 at http://www.amightygirl.com/plant-a-kiss
And, for more Mighty Girl stories for all ages that emphasize the value of compassion, visit our "Kindness & Compassion" section athttp://www.amightygirl.com/boo…/personal-development/values…

A sad day for justice! in Illinois as Governor Quinn has let the people down again!!! through lies and deceit

Read and Share with all your friends on facebook and beyond. Now is the time to stand up!

Challenging wrongful conviction and convictions in which kids were sentence to natural life without all possible parole, I was deeply heartbroken to learn that HOWARD MORGANOily ThomasKen BerryTyrone Hood, nor any of the people that should have been granted some form of Executive Clemency was not on the list of 179 whom Governor Quinn granted clemency to on yesterday in the State of Illinois.

It's no secret that I strongly oppose Governor Quinn for his lack to have stepped up and corrected the inhumane conditions that exist inside Illinois
prisons, his many lies that he has spoken relevant to men and women that should not be in prison, and his inability to end the barbaric practice in the State of Illinois of sentencing kids to natural life without all possibilities of parole.

I see the face of Morgan wife this morning, the face of Barbara Santek, Cheryl O'Leary, and so many hard dedicated attorneys that have invested hours of their time to win the release of people that are innocent and should not be in prison. This morning we have all woken up in society but on this Christmas afternoon we have learned that nothing has changed. The mental affects of denial, the psychological abuse these men and women must endure is mind blowing to be locked inside a prison cell all while innocent. They are suffering and crying as they wonder if they will ever get out of prison alive.

Quinn will leave office in less then one month. How can we fight Quinn to acknowledge what we want for these families. He stood before five thousand people in August, 2014 and acknowledge Howard Morgan and Chicago Police Torture victims incarcerated. He claim that in September, 2014 he would step up and make a difference in these people lives, but did nothing. He lied to me, and I told him in October, 2014 I would fight against his election unless he did what was right. He did nothing and took the people for granted. As I fight I see through my vision many faces and the faces I vision are Morgan, Thomas, and Hood. All are innocent in my opinion. Those who know me, you know I do not invest time into people who I believe do not deserve justice. If I say I am looking into case, I will finally get around too it and do what I believe is right.

This morning Javan Deloney, Johnny Plummer, Robert Allen, and Gerald Reed all torture victims under Jon Burge they sit behind prison walls. The question is why? It must be viewed as political and not justice when a criminal justice system is fighting them teeth and nail to deny them hearings on their claim of torture. If the system has nothing to hide why deny these men hearings on their claim that they were tortured inside interrogation rooms to make and provide confessions against their constitutional rights.

This year in memory of my friend Darby Jesse Tillis, and in the interest of justice! from December 30, 2014 until January 1, 2015 I will station a chair outside the State of Illinois Center and will remain outside for these brothers of injustice calling on both Governor Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to stop playing political football with these men lives. I will call on all Chicago Aldermen to grant reparations for all torture victims, I will demand that Howard Morgan, Tyrone Hood, and Oily Thomas be immediately released from IDOC. They are innocent and not a dog should be treated like they have been treated.

December 30, 2014 starting at 2:00pm until January 1, 2015, 2:00am come out day or night and come support innocence. Stand with me five or ten minutes or longer. Bring me some food, water, and whatever you are lead to do. I will stand for your love one! Come support me at some point between this time frame. I will be outside the State of Illinois Center, 100 West Randolph Street in Chicago. Rodney Reed dates a white lady and
finds himself on Texas death row with a set execution date of March 5, 2015. You the people must show interest toward innocence. I say that innocence is the key to fundamental justice! And it just cannot be a useless word or we are all in trouble unless you have thousands of dollars to pay to some attorney to obtain justice. Innocence must matter! innocence must be the fundamental relief sought and granted by judge's to correct injustice and not to deny justice!

What does justice look like to me? Integrity and truth. We are a people that have allowed less and then think that the system is going to treat us right. How and why would a unjust system treat us right when we are not willing to do anything, but want something in which the system have denied us since the existence of this world. Justice has to be fought for, you cannot say that you want it and do nothing to achieve it. How can Hood receive justice when we cannot come together for justice. End that practice and love me just because. Feed me, clothes me, make sure that I am protected and I will be able to protect you. Reed should not be on Texas death row, his mother should not be in mystery wondering if her son will be alive
after March 5th. Cheryl, should not be in grief, Morgan wife should not be absent of her husband. I am seeking support of all released torture survivor's, people that suffered injustice, those affected by police crimes, and all family members of injustice to support my stand for justice for your love one's.

Sitting in the Darby mobile during late nights with Darby, he would often tell me..."hell, get up off your ass, stop being scared and support those who support you!, fight or die!". This was a message he would tell so many people. If I can help you!, help me. Be not like the pig who eats off of the strength of others, but stand with your own voice! And two legs like me. You have two good feet, stand! This Tuesday after 2:00pm until January 1, 2015, 2:00am you know where I will be at. Come out and support me to give a voice to your love one.
I remain upset over the police beating of Danielle Adams. This was a woman that was beat by police and nothig has been done to the dogmatic cops. Adams was forced to cop out to avoid prison after she was charged with fabricated charges by police. This is a insult to me and a insult because people must have a heart to understand that if you sit on your rear end...no justice can be sought. Danielle still suffers from the summer assault. Where is her psychological treatment, where is her healing. She has been labeled as a criminal to give justification to police for them beating her. She was poor and forced to use the assistance of a public defender that had not resources to adequately represent her.

How can I be contacted 847 276 1382 or mark@nodeathpenalty.org. let's stand together or we will die wishing for something we were not willing to stand for. It will be cold outside, so what. It's cold inside those prison cells too. News conferences are set December 30, 2014 at 3:00pm outside the James R. Thompson Center and January 1, 2015 at 1:00am. Like my friend FM supreme sings, "no turning back", this is it, no turning back.

#Roofless being premiered on @AnonUKRadio (09/11/2014)

The full version of #Roofless was premiered on Anon UK Radio by t0p & g3arh3ad on the t0pg3arliv3 show (09/11/2014)


This song has been made in order to help us raise funds so that we are able to purchase more supplies for the winter kits that we distribute to those who are less fortunate and sleeping rough.

Every single penny generated from the sales of this song will be spent on hats, gloves, scarves, accessories, toiletries, snacks, food & drinks for those who are experiencing homelessness.

The starting price for the single is £1, but you have the option to pay more if you like. Upon purchasing the single, you will recieve an additional acoustic medley performed by Rhymestein & Vee Roc. We have uploaded previews of the tracks, which will be replaced with the full length songs 2 days before the release date. These songs will be made streamable on Nov 17th.

Special thank you to everyone who was involved in making this happen and we look forward to seeing what happens with our future plans for the song.

You can find out more about the Homeless Reach project at:

Release Date: 19th November 2014

Written by: Rhymestein
Composed & produced by: Neils Halperin
Additional Composers: Susan Chewter
Photo: Victoria Johnson Photography

The song also contains soundbytes from:
Unseen (Documentary) - by Upneet Kaur-Nagpal:

We are #Humanity (OpSafeWinter) - by Anon UK Radio:

TODAY " WE " REMEMBER: The NYPD Murder Of "Akai Gurley" @ 2:00PM in BROOKLYN, New York; And The NYPD Assassinations Of "Anthony Rosario & Hilton Vega" @ 4:30PM in THE BRONX

Justice for Akai Gurley: Rally & March In Brooklyn, N.Y.C.

On November 20, NYPD rookie officer Peter Liang shot and killed Akai Gurley, an unarmed, Black, 28-year old father, while conducting a vertical patrol in the Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York.   Akai Gurley's family has been organizing since his death to demand justice for their lost loved one.  The family has asked for supporters to stand with them in solidarity at the Justice for Akai Gurley grassroots community rally & march action on this Saturday, December 27th.

Justice for Akai Gurley: Rally & March In Brooklyn, NYC
Saturday, December 27, 2014
Rally starts 2:00PM at Pink Houses
2724 Linden Blvd btw. Autumn Av. & Eldert Ln., 
Directions & Information: B13, B14 or B15 bus from A, C, #3, J or L stops, or 20 min. walk from A, C: < https://goo.gl/maps/dW2CH> hopstop directions: < http://goo.gl/MG6Ddm> ; bus map:  < http://goo.gl/4kASdv> & sched.: < http://goo.gl/7LnCg4> ; event graphic possibly below or:
"We Must Rise In The Struggle And Give A Voice To Our Murdered Loved Ones"

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, December 27th!
"A Day Of Remembrance For Anthony Rosario & Hilton Vega"
*Both Were Executed In The Bronx "Face Down On The Floor" By The NYPD 
Under The 1995 Fascist Leadership Of William Bratton & Rudolph Guilliani...

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2014 @ 4:30PM
2784 CLAFLIN AVENUE (Between W.195th & W.197th Streets)

Directions: Take #4 Train To Kingsbridge Road Station Stop - Walk North On Jerome Avenue To W.195th Street - Turn Left On W.195th Street & Walk To Claflin Avenue - Turn Right On Claflin Avenue & Walk To 2784 Claflin Avenue.
"Decentralization, Mandatory Residency & Total Community Control Of The NYPD"

#Mumia Abu-Jamal

Anton Mestin picture 
 Noch bis zum 2. Januar 2015 läuft im Internet eine Spendensammlung des Radiojournalisten und politischen Gefangenen ‪#‎Mumia‬ Abu-Jamal sowie‪#‎Prison‬ ‪#‎Radio‬, um eine Verfassungsbeschwerde gegen ein neues‪#‎Gefangenen‬-‪#‎Knebel‬-‪#‎Gesetz‬ in Pennsylvania, USA notfalls auch durch alle Instanzen zu führen.
Wer möchte, kann diese wichtige Iniative zur Verteidigung der letzten Bürgerrechte in den USA finanziell unterstützen. Selbst Kleinbeträge helfen und können per Kred...
See More
Until January 2, 2015, a collection of radio journalists and political prisoners #Mumia Abu-Jamal and #Prison runs #Radio, a constitutional complaint against a new #Gefangenen-#Knebel-#Gesetz in Pennsylvania, to lead the United States if necessary through all instances on the Internet.

If you want, can financially support this important initiative to defend the last civil rights in the United States. Even small amounts help and can be donated by credit card online.

The English-language call of prison radio https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/protect-freedom-of-speech-keep-mumia-on-the-air the German translation at the Berlin FREE MUMIA Alliance http://mumia-hoerbuch.de/arn.htm#spendenaufruffreedomofspeech #Pennsylvania #Silencing #Prisoners #USA

Friday, 26 December 2014

BaylorIC TV's Ingram Jones opens up about Childhood, School, Cricket Coa...

In this in-depth interview BaylorIC Worldwide Television Founder Ingram Jones opens up about his childhood, experiences while boxing, coaching cricket, education, being different and much more.

West Indian Culture
Caribbean Culture
Childhood memories
Life as an amateur boxer
Coaching Cricket
How I got involved in Cricket
Educational System in UK
Viv RIchards- How he inspired me
Reflecting on Amateur bouts/ trainer
Ingram Jones & Atiya
Ingram Jones BaylorIC TV
BaylorIC TV Interviews