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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Can you feel that ? It feels like a tremor !

It's not the stress of tectonic plates pushing together though, it's the stress of 13 million people living in poverty realising it's Monday tomorrow and things will be back to "normal".
The postman will arrive with bills you can't pay, Council tax Court letters, letters from bailiffs, forms, Atos letters that state you're fit to work despite your cancer or learning disabilities. They'll be letters of eviction too and you've no credit left to phone anyone for help - besides you've no spirit left to fight anything anymore.
People will be saying do this or that, or phone here and you'll politely say yes knowing you won't. Your spirit is broken and you're just so tired of it all - more questions, more forms, more idiots who don't understand let alone really care.
But hey look on the bright side lots of people think when Labour get in on May 15 that the next day it will be all roses and rainbows.....Except for those under 25 who will have all benefits stopped, which include many with kids and disabled people trying to save the ILF and get WCA changed and.......
I got told last week I was demoralising, I don't agree - truth is truth, embellishing it is lying
Truth is the rich will continue getting richer whilst the poor go hungry and freeze, two elderly people have probably died due to being unable to heat their homes properly whilst I write this.......one every 7 minutes. (Yes I know it's not 14 minutes worth of typing but I have to think how to phrase things without expletives).
Wonder what it's like to be sanctioned, like the 870,000 last year ? To be hungry and cold then told you're not getting anything after working 30 years say and paying NI ?
Panic I expect ! "Who can I loan from? How will I pay the rent? How will I get electric on my key ? Credit on my phone ?...."How am I going to eat ?".
See I've never experienced sanctioning, many of you out there have never experienced any part of that area of the system but most have advice. Mostly simple advice like "Get a job". Cos that's easy like the thousands who don't get the 40 odd jobs with Lidl just pop down to Sainsburys and get one there.
Last count there were 500,000 vacancies in the UK but over 2 million unemployed not counting the other nearly 3 million hidden. But hey you're 54 and fit for work according to Atos, you've got Cancer which you have to go for chemo for every week but why should that stop you competing, employers will fall over themselves to take you on. Oooh don;t apply to City Link though....they might be in a spot of bother. Or any of the 30,000 jobs that are put on the Job Centre site that are bogus as has been proved.
Ohhhh I could sit here and ramble on all night...Wouldn't make the slightest odds. Not sure anyone listens anymore let alone really cares. Back to putting up the reports of the suicides next week I suppose, the evictions, the maltreatment, the sanctions, the Joke Centre stories.....Life, don't talk to me about life........

Carl Green

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