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Saturday, 27 December 2014

A sad day for justice! in Illinois as Governor Quinn has let the people down again!!! through lies and deceit

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Challenging wrongful conviction and convictions in which kids were sentence to natural life without all possible parole, I was deeply heartbroken to learn that HOWARD MORGANOily ThomasKen BerryTyrone Hood, nor any of the people that should have been granted some form of Executive Clemency was not on the list of 179 whom Governor Quinn granted clemency to on yesterday in the State of Illinois.

It's no secret that I strongly oppose Governor Quinn for his lack to have stepped up and corrected the inhumane conditions that exist inside Illinois
prisons, his many lies that he has spoken relevant to men and women that should not be in prison, and his inability to end the barbaric practice in the State of Illinois of sentencing kids to natural life without all possibilities of parole.

I see the face of Morgan wife this morning, the face of Barbara Santek, Cheryl O'Leary, and so many hard dedicated attorneys that have invested hours of their time to win the release of people that are innocent and should not be in prison. This morning we have all woken up in society but on this Christmas afternoon we have learned that nothing has changed. The mental affects of denial, the psychological abuse these men and women must endure is mind blowing to be locked inside a prison cell all while innocent. They are suffering and crying as they wonder if they will ever get out of prison alive.

Quinn will leave office in less then one month. How can we fight Quinn to acknowledge what we want for these families. He stood before five thousand people in August, 2014 and acknowledge Howard Morgan and Chicago Police Torture victims incarcerated. He claim that in September, 2014 he would step up and make a difference in these people lives, but did nothing. He lied to me, and I told him in October, 2014 I would fight against his election unless he did what was right. He did nothing and took the people for granted. As I fight I see through my vision many faces and the faces I vision are Morgan, Thomas, and Hood. All are innocent in my opinion. Those who know me, you know I do not invest time into people who I believe do not deserve justice. If I say I am looking into case, I will finally get around too it and do what I believe is right.

This morning Javan Deloney, Johnny Plummer, Robert Allen, and Gerald Reed all torture victims under Jon Burge they sit behind prison walls. The question is why? It must be viewed as political and not justice when a criminal justice system is fighting them teeth and nail to deny them hearings on their claim of torture. If the system has nothing to hide why deny these men hearings on their claim that they were tortured inside interrogation rooms to make and provide confessions against their constitutional rights.

This year in memory of my friend Darby Jesse Tillis, and in the interest of justice! from December 30, 2014 until January 1, 2015 I will station a chair outside the State of Illinois Center and will remain outside for these brothers of injustice calling on both Governor Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to stop playing political football with these men lives. I will call on all Chicago Aldermen to grant reparations for all torture victims, I will demand that Howard Morgan, Tyrone Hood, and Oily Thomas be immediately released from IDOC. They are innocent and not a dog should be treated like they have been treated.

December 30, 2014 starting at 2:00pm until January 1, 2015, 2:00am come out day or night and come support innocence. Stand with me five or ten minutes or longer. Bring me some food, water, and whatever you are lead to do. I will stand for your love one! Come support me at some point between this time frame. I will be outside the State of Illinois Center, 100 West Randolph Street in Chicago. Rodney Reed dates a white lady and
finds himself on Texas death row with a set execution date of March 5, 2015. You the people must show interest toward innocence. I say that innocence is the key to fundamental justice! And it just cannot be a useless word or we are all in trouble unless you have thousands of dollars to pay to some attorney to obtain justice. Innocence must matter! innocence must be the fundamental relief sought and granted by judge's to correct injustice and not to deny justice!

What does justice look like to me? Integrity and truth. We are a people that have allowed less and then think that the system is going to treat us right. How and why would a unjust system treat us right when we are not willing to do anything, but want something in which the system have denied us since the existence of this world. Justice has to be fought for, you cannot say that you want it and do nothing to achieve it. How can Hood receive justice when we cannot come together for justice. End that practice and love me just because. Feed me, clothes me, make sure that I am protected and I will be able to protect you. Reed should not be on Texas death row, his mother should not be in mystery wondering if her son will be alive
after March 5th. Cheryl, should not be in grief, Morgan wife should not be absent of her husband. I am seeking support of all released torture survivor's, people that suffered injustice, those affected by police crimes, and all family members of injustice to support my stand for justice for your love one's.

Sitting in the Darby mobile during late nights with Darby, he would often tell me..."hell, get up off your ass, stop being scared and support those who support you!, fight or die!". This was a message he would tell so many people. If I can help you!, help me. Be not like the pig who eats off of the strength of others, but stand with your own voice! And two legs like me. You have two good feet, stand! This Tuesday after 2:00pm until January 1, 2015, 2:00am you know where I will be at. Come out and support me to give a voice to your love one.
I remain upset over the police beating of Danielle Adams. This was a woman that was beat by police and nothig has been done to the dogmatic cops. Adams was forced to cop out to avoid prison after she was charged with fabricated charges by police. This is a insult to me and a insult because people must have a heart to understand that if you sit on your rear end...no justice can be sought. Danielle still suffers from the summer assault. Where is her psychological treatment, where is her healing. She has been labeled as a criminal to give justification to police for them beating her. She was poor and forced to use the assistance of a public defender that had not resources to adequately represent her.

How can I be contacted 847 276 1382 or mark@nodeathpenalty.org. let's stand together or we will die wishing for something we were not willing to stand for. It will be cold outside, so what. It's cold inside those prison cells too. News conferences are set December 30, 2014 at 3:00pm outside the James R. Thompson Center and January 1, 2015 at 1:00am. Like my friend FM supreme sings, "no turning back", this is it, no turning back.

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