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Monday, 8 December 2014

Paula Peters #saveilf

I just want to know this, what kind of a country has this become where people are being evicted in their thousands, children are going hungry in their hundreds of thousands, and disabled people in the millions are bearing a multude of cuts.
People are dying out there to these horrendous welfare reforms and cuts to care packages, NHS reforms and community services.
Children are going hungry, older people are freezing to death in their homes, and this government called the condem government are the first government in the world to face a inquiry into the systematic abuses of disabled people.
I just want to know the answer to one question, for fu** sake public! wake up and open your eyes and see what is going on would you? Because these cuts will affect you, and they will.
how many more people need to die go hungry and homeless before people take action and stand up and say enough! ‪#‎cameronmustgo‬
and david cameron must go, i know only this disabled people cant take much more.
whatever you do from here, whatever you care about, your library, your hospital, your service you use, our welfare state, our rights as workers, as disabled people, there is no choice but to fight back and resist this government any way you can.
To david cameron, you may have won today, but you will not win the war, and the resitance against you is building be afraid be very afraid because the resistance to you will be ramped up and so will the actions!

#saveilf Paula Peters 

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