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Monday, 28 April 2014

BBC London DEMO 1st May Is A Go - Is ON

BBC London DEMO 1st May Is A Go - Is ON

This is a message to confirm that the demo outside BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place (just north of Oxford Circus and Regent Street), new H.Q.of BBC TV News, is going ahead this May 1st Thursday, this week.

We meet up at 12.30pm at All Souls Church (south side steps), opposite the BBC Broadcasting House and the demo begins at 1pm-ish.

At 12.30pm -ish to 1pm -ish we will pose for group photos by Paul, my son, as he can't take part in the demo, so can only take photos of us before the demo begins.
The demo will take place on the north side of All Souls Church directly opposite the main entrance to the BBC Broadcasting House (where BBC radio is based in) and in front of which BBC TV staff have to pass in front of to get to their (new) buildings entrances. Paul will leave us when the demo begins or he could be locked up for taking part!!!!!

Over past 4 months have spent £500 about on preparing for this.

It's now 20 years since Paul first devastating onslaughts of acute 'near death' illness and the 24 hour care for the first 9-10 years of that, with almost solid without sleep - thereafter hardly any sleep, my still having 'impossible' physical suffering, walking/lugging everywhere etc. I've been needing physical care yet still have had to care for Paul due to all the Doctors negligence. I've even needed help dressing etc. Couldn't hardly wash for first 9 years nor wash hair etc - still can't - haven't been able to wash hair for approx 8 months, have been bed bound most of the time instead of only half. Paul puts on my shoes and socks most of time and half the time I am having to lean on Paul to walk. : I've lost all hope of my improving now but still hope Paul will be able to WHEN he's allowed just a bit of medical help - ie - ear noises torture of a night keeping him awake, because of blockages caused by polyps the Doctors REFUSE to remove (been to 3 hospitals and took 13 years just for Doctors to find them) because, to quote the last Dr, Paul has already "sen too many Doctors"!!!!

I'll be traveling up across 2 counties by train Thursday morning (arrival at Victoria about 11.50am) with 4 demo boards.

What's different to other demos is that our demo boards and literature, just like at Tunbridge Wells, will be TUNED to specifically exert pressure on the BBC staff inside to co-operate.

Our leaflets have been replaced by our own newspaper covering the subjects the BBC have covered-up or twisted: purposeful/pre-meditated/discriminatory medical negligence and Forced Child Adoption. the headlines, phrases and text are selected for MAXIMUM impact, (cause BBC panic).

I am appealing to EVEY demonstrator and campaigner receiving this message to come to this demo with your OWN boards/leaflets, having ADDED that your campaign/plight has been covered up by the BBC, adding details of how this cover up happened. That includes parents who have been robbed of their children by Social services (S.S.), Fathers 4Justice and those campaigning for victims illegally/wrongly imprisoned/killed etc which the BBC refuse to report, ie REAL 'nightmares'/suffering...

So please come as I don't want to be demonstrating alone. 12.30pm at the church opposite BBC Broadcasting House, London, this Thursday

Christine Weedon

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