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Saturday, 12 April 2014


Parole....some states don't have it anymore due to mandatory minimum sentencing...but there are people who have spent several decades waiting to be "Paroled" and turned down every time by people who feel they are not "Fit" to return back into society because of the crimes they have committed against society, it makes me wonder in what century and at what point in history did the Government of America receive "Parole" for its crimes against society..murder, rape, abuse , assault, robbery, Drug trafficking, torture..etc...when did society give America "Parole" ? At what time were the minds behind the crimes committed against society deemed fit not only to enter society but continue to rule the government also? And people say the past shouldn't be dwelled upon, but how is it that the opportunity for "Parole" has been denied to many people and taken from many more and yet the Government of America not only gets "Paroled" but "Exonerated" also for crimes it has committed historically..but if there was no "Parole" or " Exoneration" for the American Government I wonder what a "Fair" Mandatory Minimum Sentence would be for our Governments crimes against society? Would they be fit to live amongst us?

Dallas Blakkjakk Burgess

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