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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Jalil Muntaqim Part 2/1

Wrongfully prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned Jalil Muntaqim continues his story from Part 1. His parole hearing is scheduled for June 17, 2014, with supporters' petitions due by June 7. Visit FreeJalil.com Jalil Muntaqim Part1 Wrongfully convicted Jalil Muntaqim has been in prison 42 years on a 25 to life sentence. His parole hearing is coming up June 17, 2014, with petitions due June 7, as spelled out at the end, ~57:30. He explains the details of his wrongful prosecution involving police torturing one witness and harassing another. When the tortured witness goes to the judge before the trial and informs the judge that he has been tortured and will be perjuring himself the judge, Edward J. Greenfield, informs the prosecution but not the defense, so the witness is tortured further! For such a brilliant mind who could contribute so much to society to suffer the enslavement of prison for a crime he did not commit is a painful example of our defective judicial and so-called correctional systems

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