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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Introducing the national slavery roll out.

A letter a day to number 10. No 726.

Monday 28 April 2014. Introducing the national slavery roll out.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

The Claimant Commitment - Policy Aims:

The conditionality regime will recast the relationship between the citizen and the State from one centred on 'entitlement' to one centred on a contractual concept that provides a range of support in return for claimant’s meeting an explicit set of responsibilities, with a sanctions regime to encourage compliance.

Such a clever way to bring back slavery! Was it David Freud who wrote that, it's got his style written all over it?

I need to pause a moment and just say that I know when I am in the presence of a game changer. I have been waiting for this moment; I suspected it would arrive, but I couldn't 'know' until the moment it actually did, because, of course, you have never been open about your long term plans. How would you dare? In your dark symphony of Britain, this is merely a crescendo, the precursor to the next passage of your miscellany of villainy.

The signs were there with Theresa May planning to axe the bill of rights. What would follow would be a Citizens Charter, laying out our duties and responsibilities to the state. The prelude to this is naturally to pick on the most vulnerable and in a place where your average Joe won't be paying attention, couldn't care less or who would think, 'Bang on, these scroungers need to be dealt with!' Of course the penalties for non-compliance are also easy to set for those on benefits, clearly just section them so that they are unable to claim Universal Credit (once benefits are all rolled into one).

Rolling out a Citizens Charter is trickier, what penalties would you impose on the general populace? You can't just out and say that people would have no access to, say, health and medical care. You have to be sneaky with this stuff. I am sure you already know how you are going to spin it and do it. Ultimately, of course, the best move is to remove their citizenship, denying them the ability to do anything, rendering them unable to participate in society at all. Theresa May may have temporarily lost that one after she added it as a last minute measure in the Immigration Bill, but I am sure she sees that as just a temporary setback.





 — in Peasedown Saint John.

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