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Thursday, 24 April 2014

The arrogance of the privileged who persecute the poor.

A letter a day to number 10. No 721.

Thursday 24 April 2014. The arrogance of the privileged who persecute the poor.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

I am tired of empty words and lies from the blinkered and bunkered privileged who have the arrogance to presume to tell people what to do whilst peddling lies, spin and deception.

It is beyond satire to read of Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, saying: 'This country has a long history of a strong welfare state, which we can rightly be proud of. As part of the UK, Scottish people benefit from this resilient and unified system.' This is the man who has refused to publish the figures of our dead and who is responsible for the useless Universal Credit and wasting hundreds of millions of pounds in write offs.

As disability groups, campaigners and countless sick and disabled people wait to hear the news from yesterdays tribunal hearing brought by Mike Sivier, the very man responsible for the stress, suffering and even deaths across hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people speaks with all the weight of an intellectual and moral pygmy.

IDS is a walking parody of some Colonel Blimp character, supping champers whilst committing more lives to a failed cause and saying something like, 'Commit more troops, don't worry, we've got lots to spare, they're only poor people anyway, bloody useless eaters!'

In fact that pretty much sums up your entire government. Esther McVey saying, 'In the UK it is right that more people are... going to food banks because as times are tough, we are all having to pay back this £1.5 trillion debt personally which spiralled under Labour, we are all trying to live within our means,' she just reveals her own complete and utter arrogance and stupidity. Living within 'her' means is certainly a chance that the vast majority of us wouldn't mind trying, but haven't a hope in hell of doing so. The hypocrisy of the woman dictating to the poor is staggering!





 — in Peasedown Saint John.

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