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Friday, 11 April 2014

People For Schapelle Corby

Shun Hatton:
I know she didn't do it. I visited her at Polda police station on the 10th of October 2004. I assured her then that Rosleigh had spoken to security at Brisbane airport, they had confirmed that ..."The cctv footage was secure and intact and would be available on Monday for collection" All she had to do was hold on for one more night, the footage would show a slimline boogie board bag and she would be in the clear.
The AFP were contacted to collect the footage, suddenly it disappeared. Three different excuses were given, until they finally settled on the last one which was a doozie...." The security cameras at Brisbane domestic airport are only turned on if there is a person of interest at the airport."
The Corby's were like any Australian family, they trusted in the AFP to help them. That is not the case for any Australian overseas that finds themselves in trouble. The AFP's sole motivation is to aide the police force (in whatever country you may be in) to gain a conviction. AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty's statement when asked why there had been no investigation in Australia into where the drugs originated or where a part time fish and chip shop employee could of got her hands on $40,000 worth of marijuana.... "We (The AFP) are not in the business of clearing people" Makes perfect sense when you realize that the AFP are working towards a conviction.
If you turn around Keelty's statement... he is actually stating that if the AFP do an investigation Schapelle will be proved innocent. That cannot happen. If the AFP prove she is innocent Sydney airport is not secure. What country post 9/11 wants aircraft flying into their cities airspace that is not secure? Qantas have an innocent passenger getting on at one end and a drug smuggler under the threat of death by firing squad at the other end. Very bad for business. The AFP would be seen to have lost control of Sydney International airport, Keelty is too sure of his own self importance to allow that to happen. All they need to do is make sure that Corby takes the fall and all their problems go away.....
It worked until 2011 when investigators through the freedom of information act uncovered emails between the justice minister Senator Christopher Ellison, Keelty, DOTORS Secretary Michael Smith and the CEO of Sydney Airport Corporation Limited Max Moore-Wilton all referring to one item of luggage, baggage number 0881884193 that was not screened and did not receive a SACL (Sydney Airport Corporation Limited) clearance code. That bag was Schapelle's boogie board bag! Not just not screened, but actually lost from their security system. This vital evidence was withheld from her and her defense.
Alan Jones has scrutinized the evidence and has stated the evidence is incontrovertible and yet the Australian media refuse to report it.
If you have not looked at the Expendable web site, I would urge you to have a look and make an educated decision and not rely on hearsay and innuendo as the media in Australia have a vested interest in keeping the truth from the public.
To finish you may wonder why this evidence has not been used to clear her? All Schapelle's appeals have been used up, even an extraordinary appeal. If we had footage of a baggage handler putting the marijuana in her bag, it would not be admissible to an Indonesian appeals court.
This is why the AFP are hell bent on not letting her or family speak. Lawrence can be interviewed from gaol, a Bali bomber can be interviewed, a criminal in Australia can write books about his crimes but if Schapelle tries to speak about her innocence she is threatened with more gaol time. The AFP raids have nothing to do with proceeds of crime but everything to do with keeping her silenced!

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