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Friday, 25 April 2014

Davontae Sanford: Day 4 in The Life of An Innocent Boy

Davontae Sanford: Day 4 in The Life of An Innocent Boy For Whom A Veteran Homicide Officer Risked His Own Freedom. Homicide Investigator Ira Todd was not the only officer who got close to blowing the covers off this case. Veteran homicide investigator William Rice went even further and lost his freedom for Davontae. Rice was recently convicted of perjury for allegedly lying under oath at an evidentiary hearing on remand by the Michigan Court of Appeals. At that hearing Rice provided alibi testimony on Davontae's behalf. He testified that at the time of the murders on Runyon Street in Detroit Davontae was with him at another location (I believe near St. Clair Shores Michigan). Prosecutor Worthy's office obtained cell phone tower records that purportedly showed Rice lied about the alibi claim. Now stop right there! I know there's a temptation for you to leap at that evidence and rush to conclude that if Rice lied for Davontae that means Davontae is the killer. I can see your faces now! Rice might have committed perjury and if so that was very unwise of him BUT that is no more evidence that Davontae committed those murders on Runyon Street than the bogus confession he gave! And Worthy knows it! That is why she also knows that when the second remand takes place she will NOT be able to introduce evidence of Rice's perjury against Mr. Sanford unless she could showed Davontae suborned it which she can't. No matter what you may think of Rice he saw that an innocent kid was being framed and did what he could to stop it. But you have to separate the two. Rice's perjury is no more evidence that Davontae committed the murders on Runyon Street than all the other evidence in the weak links in this case. But Smothers'confession certainly shows who killed those victims: Smothers and Nemo Davis. Finally; Worthy's charges against Rice shows that anyone willing to uncover her and Detroit Police's wrongdoing in this case risks prosecution. And I know she would LOVE to get a shot at me. We have held rallies on her damn doorstep calling her OUT for her gross misdeeds in silencing the lamb and WILL be holding more rallies in July to make sure she never forgets what she did. She would love to stop me as she did that racist Pastor Jones. But she can't touch me! You can't touch this! She cannot stop us! BECAUSE I HAVE NOT CROSSED THE CONSTITUTIONAL LINE IN MY EXERCISE OF FREE SPEECH DIRECTED AT HER. And she knows it! The black widow's webs have been burned. We got our victory at the Court of Appeals but we will wait and see how the petulant pensioner foul smelling prosecutor's appeal goes at the Michigan Supreme Court! And if necessary follow her there if oral argument is granted.

Roberto Guzman

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