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Sunday, 6 April 2014

GhostRyder "Stand Tall" ft. DISL Automatic & Steve Grant *NEW* RAP HIP H...

DOWLOAD http://www.reverbnation.com/ghostryder12 NEW HIP HOP 2014 SONG "STAND TALL" by GhostRyder ft DISL Automatic & Steve Grant (VIDEO). ADD THIS TO YOUR "HIP HOP PLAYLIST" OR "HIP HOP MIX"

In this rap hip hop music video, 3 veteran rappers break down hardcore truth and show you what "real hip-hop" is all about. The beat and hook on this track are off the hook and these 3 lyricist take this track to the next level. 

With all the increase in crime, poverty, big government and the police state mentality we see rising in 2014, it's good to know there are real high hop artist that will speak that truth about coming together for what is right in this work.

This track is promising to be one of the 2014 best rap songs. This "Brand New Hip Hop Song" [EXCLUSIVE] "New Hot Rap Song" [2014] Ghostryder - This new "hip hop" track will be one of the most popular "new songs" talking about Illuminati NWO "False Flag" attacks like the "Boston Bombing" and how people are a wake to the fake script they're trying to pull trying to take away people's guns.

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