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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

First Irish State visit to Britain by President Michael D Higgins as London's Irish face Crisis

Irish President Michael D Higgins on first state visit to Britain

London Irish play on despite crisis of past, present and the threat to future as bombings and killings continue despite Good Friday agreement. The visit by the Irish Prime Minister for the first time serves as a reminder to the many changes the Irish are facing as they try to get on with their day to day lives.

History is made after bloody crisis is put behind both Nations at a sophisticated and the most exquisite royal banquet ever witnessed on t.v put a display of etiquette and good will despite the after taste and effects and impact of war which could still effect generations to come as some still embark on acts of Terrorism to express their grievances over the past and complaints of injustice. The presence and influence of the English in Ireland was at such a huge human cost that time is still needed to heal the many wounds. Even though the queen looked somewhat miserable when the Irish PM took his turn to make his speech.

However London's Irish are currently facing a crisis with the current austerity reforms in the UK and discrimination which is directly effecting them as a community which is leading to unemployment and homelessness and many unable to return to Ireland because of the crisis there now face at home economically as well as the recent scandal over Police Tapping and secret recordings especially of Lawyers which is resulting in legal cases coming being open to Review some going back decades.

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