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Thursday, 10 April 2014

BBC May Meltdowns 1st May Demos

In december 2013, the first Hoof Kicking Demo held by British Unicorn and the Campaign For Truth & Justice outside BBC Tunbridge Wells was a success: It forced BBC South East Today in early January, when there wasn't any on-screen reasopn to do so, to report on Forced Child Adoption epedemic. That's why this demo is NOT a waste of time.
On 1st Ma...y, it's our next Hoof Kicking Demo, outside the BBC Broadcasting House H.Q. in Portland Place, (just 3 minutes walk north of Regent Street and Oxford Circus), where BBC national radio and TV News, BBC current affairs and BBC London TV and radio are based.

We all know that if the BBC reported what was REALLY happening in Britain (the subject of everyone's campaigns) instead of lies and propaganda, our campaigns would ne HALF-way to success. But the BBC refuse to report our campaigns, refusing even to look at our evidence.

I NEED YOU to join me at 12.30pm, 1st May 2014 at the round spireal church (ALL Souls Church) opposite the BBC entrance, to rendezvous fopr group pictures before 1pm beggining our demo to pressurize the BBC to co-operate with our respective campaigns.

What's different to other demos is that our demo boards and literature, just like at Tunbridge Wells, will be TUNED to specifically exert pressure on the BBC staff inside to co-operate.

Our leaflets have been replaced by our own newspaper covering the subjects the BBC have covered-up or twisted: purposeful/pre-meditated/discriminatory medical negligence, Hollie Greig and Forced Child Adoption. the headlines, phrases and text are selected for MAXIMUM impact, (cause BBC panic).

I am appealing to EVEY demonstrator and campaigner receiving this message to come to this demo with your OWN boards/leaflets, having ADDED that your campaign/plight has been covered up by the BBC, adding details of how this cover up happened. That includes parents who have been robbed of their children by Social services (S.S.), Hollie Greig campaigners, Fathers 4HJustice and those campaigning for victims illegally/wrongly imprisoned/killed etc which the BBC refuse to report, ie REAL 'nightmares'/suffering...

During the May 1st demo we will protest going around rthe BBC Broadcastig House complex, passing beneath the arch in the new (BBC London) east wing and around past the back exit, shouting "George Aligiar - What-A-Liar".

Thursday Nights is late-night opening thereby, hopefully, more shoppers/passing-by to educate, instead of scurrying home at 5pm and the newsreaders arrive to do the evening news around 4pm.

these demos will be repeated every Thursday in May, but the first is THE most important.

In June, we will go to Channel 4 Television to support the victims of Forced Child Adoption because Channel 4 are running the one sided pro--S.S./anti parent forced adoption series, "15,000 Kids & Couinting", helping the victims thereof develop facesheets and demo boards which will exert pressure on Channel 4 to give an HONEST account of Forced Child Adoption instead of their usual corruptions.

We need to do these demos before August when Mayor Boris may have his water canon to play with to squash freedom of speech, (the opnly canon Boris needs is one to fire him out of - I'm sure there's many of us who would like to light that fuse - Boris flying across London with his backside on fire, a great idea for a cartoon).

Once the media are forced to report UK horrors/all U.K.'s Human rights Abuses/Violations thereof, 'authoritie' are under pressure to cease such horrors by 'like' punishments - forcing accountability etc. that's why hitting the BBC is so important.

So please: Throughout May, lets cause meltdown in the BBC nerwsroom and management.

Tell all your fellow campaigners to come.

12.30pm, 1st May 2014, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place (just top of Regents Street), London.

This demo will NOT be a waste of time.

From Christine O'CallaghanSee more

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