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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Amy Lillian uniting parents!

united.p.a.s.s ( united parents against social services) 
Social services have been abusing their powers & destroying the lives of children & families & getting away with it for too long! Enough is enough! Time for Justice! In my Local area a few of us got together & decided to do monthly parents meetings & they have grown & continue to grow, we offer everything from a safe place to be amongst others going through the same, A place where you will be welcomed by smiles & hugs & all the support you need, including help with private prosecutions, class actions etc or you may just need someone to talk to who completely understands what you are going through. We Empower parents & our Great Team are all parents that have had enough of the Inhumane barbaric actions of Social services! This has come about because Social services have not done their jobs properly, abused their power & instead of keeping families together, they rip them apart ( How do they sleep at night?) 
Also parents have been left Traumatised with no support from SS no counselling on how to deal with the grief & pain & shock of separation! Parents were left out in the cold with no real help, sadly some so traumatised could not deal with the pain & so took their own lives, others are now on anti depressants from Doctors to cope, others have turned into alcoholics or had mental break downs! We will not lose any more parents! We our many against them & the tides are turning & these cruel careless people that have NO idea what is best for our children need to face up to their crimes against all the many children & families they have cruelly ripped apart.. SS Cafcass emotionally harm children! Our group is growing faster & bigger every month, please Unite in your area too... The saying United we stand really shows in these meetings & there is always strength in numbers :-) We strongly recommend that all parents link up in their own areas & start monthly meetings, you will then become a team & united you will be stronger! Please feel free to email our Team for any advice & we will be more than happy to help you, & you are more than welcome to choose your own name for your groups or Link with us & use for example united.p.a.s.s Manchester or whatever area you may be in, Its not Important. what is Important is we all Unite as parents in every area & do what is right for the sake of our Children & Children of the future!
united we stand 
Love,Light & Freedom
Amy Lillian Johnson


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