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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Free Yashika Bageerathi!

2nd letter today to number 10. No 701.
Wednesday 02 April 2014. Free Yashika Bageerathi!
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Dear Mr Cameron,
Try phoning Air Mauritius and asking them how their phone lines are doing. Tel: 0207 434 4375.
By the time you get this there should be an available line, though right now their lines are in melt down. I've not managed to get through yet so thought I'd just inform you of our displeasure.
Yashika Bageerathi should be reunited with her family immediately and freed from the inhuman oppression of your government.
Your Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, stated, 'all the facts of the case involving Ms Bageerathi had been considered but were not deemed to be of the 'exceptional nature' required for intervention.' Perhaps with a little public help he might get some idea of our feelings about this and that we take exception to this young woman being split from her family, her school and studies and friends and these attempts to forcibly deport her.
It may have escaped your attention but we are tired of being treated like stock, there is a line and it was crossed by you and your government a long time ago. There is such a thing as crowd sourcing and I very much hope that Air Mauritius can inform you of how effective it is.
This abuse of ordinary people must stop.
Free Yashika Bageerathi!

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