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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Unbreakable Spirit, Unbreakable Bond: The Story of An Abused Dog. Baraba...

Barabas was a senior dog who was sent to be put to sleep, after he was abused by his owner, then developed a huge maggot wound which covered half his face. 

Through fate, SOSD came to rescue him, and I came to foster him. A supposed few days stay at my place developed into a 2 year relationship - one which is unbreakable and unconditional; one which I will never forget, and one which touched the hearts of thousands of people. 

A pet is for life - not a piece of garbage which can be discarded when they are in need of us the most. SOSD is a animal welfare charity which fosters positive interactions between animals and humans. We rescue 30 stray and abandoned dogs a month, finding them homes. 
Read more about us here: www.SOSD.org.sg

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