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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Jerome Elam 7-11-2014 Interview on the Stop Child Abuse Radio Show with Host Bill Murray:

Jerome Elam 7-11-2014 Interview on the Stop Child Abuse Radio Show with Host Bill Murray:
Tonight's special guest is Jerome Elam, a returning NAASCA family member who's a child abuse survivor and writer for Communities Digital News. Mr Elam says, "I have struggled against many things in my life including childhood sexual abuse and somehow I found a way to survive." He recently related how, as a defenseless child, only 5-years-old, a relative forced him to be a sex slave in Florida. "I was a child desperate for affection. The relative who was a predator took advantage of that, and basically coerced me into trafficking using drugs and alcohol and threats of violence," recounted Elam. He was also coerced into child pornography. To outsiders though, he says he appeared to be a normal child. He even attended school. Raised in the South, he joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen and spent the next eight years seeing the world. After his enlistment was finished he attended college and graduated to work in the Biotechnology sector. Jerome continues, "Writing is my passion and it keeps me in touch with the wealth everyone holds deep inside their hearts and minds." At NAASCA, Jerome is easily one of our favorite journalists who writes on the topics of child abuse and trauma, and we feature his articles regularly on our web site. His work for Communities Digital News is always to the point, and he frequently takes advantage of the opportunity to explain the shocking statistics pertaining to the material in his articles. NAASCA is delighted to include Jerome Elam as a card-carrying member of the NAASCA family!

Click the link below to listen to my interview with Bill Murray:

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