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Friday, 11 July 2014

The Afghan Mona Lisa

As the world turns to watch the atrocity's every morning tuning in their TV’s and internets, I like to ask what is it that goes in your mind as you watch these massacres as a collective audience around the globe? Questions arise in my mind as I read the news and witness the chaos around the world every day. I wonder where humanity will lead to, if this is our reality? Furthermore, what are the world Leaders doing to bring this chaos to a yield; what are the citizens of the world doing to stop this raid on humanity? I wonder with the current status, what are our values as a society? We are confronted with daily images of children dying in their sleep, mothers and fathers being bombarded in the dark hours of the night by an unsolicited guest, unaware that this is their last breath, their last meal with their loved ones. I wonder how much more killing we need to witness before we stand up and echo our opposition to such massacres, these criminal butcheries in the name of "defense", "collateral damage" and other political objectives? I wonder who will come forward to receive the empty hands of the innocent children in Syria and Palestine. Where are our Gandhi’s and Mandela’s? It appears that we need Leaders with universal values urgently today, but who will come forward and help heal our shattered mortality—or what is left from our crushed humanity? Will The Great Peace come knocking on our doors? When will the dawn of benevolence illuminate our fragile human hearts with the radiance of Oneness and compassion? Who will come forward and join a movement in a collective passage in an attempt to foster Universal peace devoid of prejudices, biases, discrimination, prejudgments, and favoritism? In its place, who will hoard this transformation with compassion, perseverance, and respect to differences, empathy and altruism.
Will you come with open arms?

The Afghan Mona Lisa

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