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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Tory mission - Punish the poor.

A letter a day to number 10. No 793.

Wednesday 09 July 2014. The Tory mission - Punish the poor.

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Dear Mr Cameron, 

I note that the Public and Commercial Services Union, Department for Work and Pensions group conference opposed the "implementation of a system (of benefits) based on punishment".

I see a lot of comments from bewildered people who don't understand what's going on. Iain Duncan Smith claims that "Universal Credit, will merge several benefits into a single payment that will be adjusted to ensure that claimants are always better off in work than on welfare." 

Smith and Esther McVey claim that they have got more people into work than ever before, but what they do not say is that these are the most insecure, poorly paying jobs driving people into poverty such that working people in poverty far exceed those in poverty who are out of work. 

So the only way that Smith can make work pay better than benefits is create such a punitive, draconian, system of benefits, with the wholesale use of sanctions, that people are driven by desperation and terror. 

It says much for the good heartedness of people confused about the real purpose behind Universal Credit that they cannot conceive that government would be so cold blooded and heartless as to actively seek to cause people to suffer. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in Sherlock Holmes, "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." Once people see and accept that Smith's mission is to make benefits viciously punitive everything becomes crystal clear and it all makes sense. 

Lord Freud, Iain Duncan Smith, Esther McVey and Mike Penning are thugs and their mission in life is penalise poor people. George Osborne, another thug, and Smith have used the banking crisis to pursue policies of attrition against the poor in what I and others call your War on the Poor. 

That is the stark reality and truth of what your government is doing to the people of our country. Faced with the reality of zero hours contract work or sanctions, people are driven to take contracts that pay a few pounds if they are lucky and are driven to using food banks just to continue to survive, I've said it before and I shall continue saying it. poverty is violence and it is a violence that you and your government are up to your rotten, evil, necks in.






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