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Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Stolen Uk Children London M25 BLOCKADE 24 July 2014

The Aim Of the blockade is to get Media Coverage and to wake up Britain.

Families who have had their children taken by the troops in the SS Army 

"In a child's best interest" 

Sadly many families appear to be negative 

when it comes to organizing a rally there has to come a time 
when the thousands of families must join forces and to try to help 
the silent witnesses your children, Lets March for the children.



lets march for the children and stop the governments biggest army the SS stealing the children for profits by the multi billion pound children's industry.

Britain's Road Blockade For Justice July 24th 2014 10am.

Lets Block/Occupy The UK's Road Network for the love of all Abused

And Stolen Children. Screaming to be Heard.

The UK Road Blockade for Justice Meeting at south Mims Services M25/A1 10am


We have police cooperation and emergency services will have priority. 

Thanks go to the police from Hertfordshire the protest liaison officer who has kindly given up his time to make sure the safety of all is followed.

Our Thanks go to the following organizations who are supporting the blockade. 





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