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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Depriving the poor should be a hate crime

A letter a day to number 10. No 808.

Thursday 24 July 2014. Depriving the poor should be a hate crime.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

You know, trees are made almost entirely out of thin air and they have been doing it successfully for billions of years and the entire planet benefits.

The banks use the same principle of creating money out of thin air and whilst they are very, very good at it, only they do well on it. All the rest of us get is debt and we also have to pay interest charges on that debt.

In your Barbie Doll homogenised world of profit there's no room for anything real; not nature, not people, not real work or workers and definitely not anything as imperfect as sickness and disability, unless you can turn it into profit.

What nature gives abundantly in fecundity, bankers and politicians take and parcel out the absurdity of austerity. What has become blindingly apparent is that austerity is good for business, everyone can make a buck out of austerity except the poor on whom it is imposed and who are in every way its victims.

Austerity is the whip to drive poor people to pay for business, cattle market 'stock' milked for every last ounce of sweat, blood and tears and then left to die clutching a food bank voucher and a phony bailiffs warrant for not paying the bedroom tax with money they don't have.

Living with mental illness has always meant living a precarious, fragile, life. I've lived my entire working life knowing that there would always periods when I was too sick to work, then clawing my way, with screeching nails, up the iron hard sides of hell, back to work.

The precariousness of such a life includes the relentless demands for money, frequently money that I do not have and have no access to. I've wondered at times whether money, or the lack of it, constitutes a disability hate crime, just as I wonder whether the violence of poverty is a hate crime and now, whether your austerity is a hate crime? Certainly listening to the feelingless, heartless, robotic nonsense that comes out of the mouth of Esther McVey my reaction is one of revulsion and disgust at her cold, disdainful, hatred towards the poor.

I've been keenly observing you and your party for four years and all you are is the party for profit and there is no lie so great you will not tell it nor depth too deep you will not plumb it in order to achieve profit. Apart from that you are entirely useless.



 — in Peasedown Saint John.

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