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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


FBI Warned VA Destroying Records To Cover Up Criminal Activity.
Charlotte, NC, USA (July 15, 2014) — The anti-Veterans Administration (VA) organization Veterans Against The Veterans Administration (VAVA) is blaming Congress for the VA medical scandal engulfing the colossus. The group has posed the question, “What did Congress know, and when did they know it?” The VAVA is also presenting letters and other documents from members of Congress dating back to 1992 that warned of the VA’s blatant, chronic corruption and medical misconduct. The named members of Congress are Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Carl Levin, and Rep. John Conyers.
The VAVA states on its website (http://www.veteransagainsttheva.com) that movie “Article 99″ documented the exact scandal now engulfing the VA, making it impossible for Congress not to have known about VA’s misdeeds (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101371). The movie stars Kiefer Sutherland of Fox TV’s “24″ and “Goodfellows” Ray Liotta. The movie also stars Oscar winners Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. The VAVA further claims that the Congress members asserting surprise over the condition of the VA are following the script of the movie “The Contender,” mimicking the role of Gary Oldman’s character Shelly Runyon. The movie also stars three time Oscar nominee Joan Allen, and Oscar winner Jeff Bridges.
The VAVA is proposing both a Veteran Bill of Rights and plan to close the VA by the end of 2014. The group cites the non-profit Mayo Clinic as being the antithesis of the VA, which is world respected and efficient. The VAVA equates attempts to repair the VA to attempting turn a typewriter into and IPAD. The VAVA compares the Congress members seeking these changes to Lance Armstrong, and assert that it is an attempt to cover up Congress’ role in the scandal. The VAVA asserts that the VA is working as designed, to be a “bureaucratic welfare-medical gulag system.”
The VAVA further notes that many of the VA medical facilities are named after Congress members that now claim ignorance to gross, chronic, and blatant criminal misconduct. The organization further asserts that the VA works as designed, which is a giant Ponzi scheme with Congress playing the role of Bernie Madoff. The VAVA cites numerous media reports that demonstrate that the VA never missed paying a bonus to administrators for decades, but continually missed providing adequate medical services to veterans. This financial scandal extends to service organizations that pay their leadership hundreds of thousands of dollars, while never standing up for veterans on the medical and other institutional corruption within the VA according the VAVA. Reports from media outlets such as Politifact.com demonstrate the close financial relationship between the VA, veterans’ service organizations, and certain Congress members.
The VAVA has warned the FBI and the head of the Office of Special Counsel, Carolyn Lerner that VA administrators and have begun destroying veteran medical records en masse in an effort to cover up criminal activity. This information will be disclosed in its entirety at a full presentation at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The head of the VAVA has challenged VA Secretary Robert McDonald and the leaders of the various service organizations to a debate on the issue of closing down the VA.
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Phone: 323-834-2372
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