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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

For Immediate Release LONDON SOHO SQUARE STATIC DEMO AGAINST CHILD ABUSE on the 24th July 2014

For Immediate Release London 23rd July 2014 LONDON SOHO SQUARE STATIC DEMO AGAINST CHILD ABUSE on the 24th July Child Abuse organisations, charities and groups from all over the UK are gathering in central London Soho Square for a static protest on a number of issues related to Child Abuse. This is to protest against Child Abuse, forced adoption, institutional abuse, and missing children and many other worthy issues. According to the events Facebook Page “Come Clean On Child Abuse” It is not a protest march, but is a silent “static protest” against Child Abuse and the series of Child Abuse scandals that have been covered up in the UK. According to Andy Peacher of Freedom Talk Radio, “The Reason for this static protest is that many Child Abuse organizations, charities, groups and parents are appalled that the systemic abuse of children over many years can simply be covered up allowing paedophiles and networks to move on without prosecution”. The combined groups are calling for a full public inquiry into the cover-ups of any cover up of child abuse and are calling for stiff prison sentences to be handed down to anyone responsible for instigating or taking part in a cover up where children are concerned. This is also an advisory posted on the events Facebook page for anyone who may be attending; the emphases are on staying within the law and not to anthologist the Police. The advisory also advises the participants to avoid confrontation at all costs and to report trouble makers to the police. Contact Andy Peacher Tel 0782 773 1060 STATIC DEMO IS TAKING PLACE ON THE 24TH JULY AT 3 O CLOCK IN SOHO SQUARE LONDON...

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