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Friday, 11 July 2014

And Then Daniel Linsinbigler Died


by Susan Cooper Eastman

A mentally ill 19-year-old spent 10 days in solitary confinement in the Clay County Jail. Then he was pepper-sprayed and strapped into a restraint chair. Then deputies put a hood over his head. Then he died.

At about 8 a.m., a nurse in the jail recommended that he be restrained. At 8:07, Clay County Sheriff’s deputies entered his cell, pepper-sprayed him when he didn’t comply with their orders, and strapped him by the wrists, ankles and chest into a restraint chair on the cellblock. Snot and spit poured from Linsinbigler’s nose and mouth, a reaction to the pepper spray, so at 8:17, to shield themselves from his bodily fluids, deputies draped a TranZport Spit Hood over Linsinbigler’s head.

An hour later he was dead.

Linsinbigler suffocated to death in that chair, about 10 feet from an observation desk where a deputy was monitoring him, making notes on his condition every 15 minutes ...

The Linsinbiglers know they can’t get Daniel back, but they still want someone held accountable for his death. As someone who’s witnessed Florida’s criminal justice system firsthand, Valerie has made it her mission to get justice for her son.

“As God is my witness,” she says, “on my last breath. I will not stop fighting for him.” 

Valerie has a fight on her hands. See a screenshot of my failed attempt to post the article about Daniel Linsinbigler at G+. Disregard for human life is often followed by coverups.


Old fashioned restraint chair
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