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Sunday, 6 July 2014

The world is in crisis and we must find solutions, not more of the same.

A letter a day to number 10. No 791.

Monday 07 July 2014. The world is in crisis and we must find solutions, not more of the same.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

We are part of a global ecosystem, that ecosystem can and will exist without us, but we cannot exist without it. Nature does not need us, we are simply an expression of natures abundance.

Sadly we have abused that abundance beyond natures capacity to sustain us. It will matter nothing to nature if we wipe ourselves out as a species, it only matters to us and it is our burden to ask what we are going to do about it, if anything? We have created a tipping point and for most of us it has come about without any idea that we were participating in it. What we do now, in every breath and every action we take, whether we care or not, the future of our species is on the line. The future of humanity lies in our hands and the only solution is direct action. What we choose to do and how we choose to do it is down to our creative ability to act and to act now.

If anything is sacred on Earth it is the Earth itself because that is all that sustains life, we might define meaningful life as ourselves, as the supreme creation of nature, but nature doesn't see it that way, nature makes no such definition, nature is impartial and without judgements. All we have to decide is whether we are for nature or against it, on that the entire fate and future of the human race will be decided and it is our decision.

You can back 'free' trade and 'free' markets, you can promote profit as the only way forward, but that just means mutually assured destruction for humanity. Fracking is the last gasp desperation of resource grabbing, profit hungry, humanity, and that's all it will be, a last gasp.

You can sell everything on Earth and store that wealth in banks and off shore tax havens, you can strip us to the bone for profit, force us to labour on Workfare, erase welfare, strip away all our economic and human rights, sell our health care and our NHS, call protesters terrorists and extremists, but what you cannot do and never will be able to do is eat money. You can by all means try and I invite you to do so. I am happy to await the result.

Nature will not wait, however, and now is the very best time to pay attention because time is not on our side. Either we get with nature or we fail and nature will just carry on without us.

The world is in crisis, Mr Cameron, and now might be a very good time to pay attention. More madness will not produce sanity.

— in Peasedown Saint John.

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