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Monday, 24 November 2014

************URGENT via Focus E15 Mothers********* Stop Candice and baby being sent out of London

Tuesday 25 November
Meet 12.30 Stratford Station or 1pm Bridge House, 320 High Street, E15
No to social cleansing!
Repopulate the Carpenters Estate
Come down to Bridge House - together we are stronger.
Candice and her baby are homeless, relying on friends and relatives for somewhere to stay. They were offered a place in Liverpool last year.
Now she is being told by staff at Bridge House that she can have an appointment with her housing officer but she is likely to be offered outside of London and if she refuses they will close her case.
Bridge House is overflowing Monday to Friday with families with children of all ages who have been evicted and have nowhere to go. Many are being offered places outside of London, miles from friends, families, support networks and their children's schools.
Less than five minutes walk from Bridge House is the Carpenters Estate, where hundreds of decent flats lie empty - we must continue to force the council to put people in these homes.

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