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Saturday, 8 November 2014

#OpSafeWinter Anonymous Worldwide

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Aim #OpSafeWinter highlight our intentions for 2014-2015 we are Anonymous, this Is #opsafewinter.

For too long you just walk on by, you pass that soul on the street, that soul, your son, your mother, father, brother daughter. And look away.not wanting to admit how close you are to being like them.

Some claim that homelessness is caused by something they did wrong. We aim to project that homelessness is an effect, an effect that our current humanity accepts. There are people on our streets in our communities without shelter, without food, without warmth or the comforts too many take for granted thru' no fault of their own.
Why does society demonize the poor?- (when the fault lies with the rich) And ask yourself, How long would you last if the next paycheck was your last? What would you do to feed, shelter and keep yourself safe without money? Who could you turn to?

Anonymous does not acknowledge this to be an acceptable status quo. Human beings are not disposible, are not to be thrown away like the trash and ignored, we all have value.

We will do what we can to assist those who find themselves In this vortex of poverty. We ask you, do what you can. Humanity and kindness costs nothing.

Humanity In this age appears to be lacking, There exist in every community small pockets of humanity, here and there, struggling, fighting against a norm thats sickening, that says I'm ok, i have what I need and without a care for others. But there are those among us who are homeless, hungry, cold, alone.

Anonymous asks you, do what you can. Assist those that need support. Share just a little of our comforts with another in need Embed In your childs mindset that helping others is a normal human trait, your child will instill this trait in their childs mind and we progress. We progress as a species and prove to the world that humanity is here, alive.we can make the world a better place simply by caring for each other. Fulfilling our needs thru' each other in the spirit of compassion, understanding and generosity that is the duty we share as humans.

we learned to share when we were children let's not forget it as adults. 
a moment of kindness can change the world.for you and the people you help kindness is contagious.
Your act of kindness and generosity can save a life. we can put humanity on a plateau that none have seen before. Lets do this,be a part of opsafewinter 

We are anonymous
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Do what you can
The homeless can expect us

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