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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Martin Foranthe only man ever in British history to win 2 appeal cases


Martin Foran the only man ever in British history to win 2 appeal cases has been protesting outside The Ministry of Justice since last Monday 3/11/14, after he was told even though, he has won both his appeals, he has been told he is not innocent enough. Martin was on hunger strike for the first week so is now very weak. Martin is also protesting about others who have been wrongly convicted like Jordon Cunliffe. Martin protest started with no shelter, no dry clothes until his daughter joined him on the Wednesday. When she got there he was very ill, wet, cold and was going to call an ambulance, but with her help and the help of others providing warm clothes and shelter. Today at 2:30pm he will be taken to the ministry of Justice with his MP and 4/5 people so they can hear about his case and others cases. Last weekend his wife and other daughter went down with clean clothes and blankets and they have now got to figure out how to get down there again to swap with his daughter. Please offer this amazing family all the support you can for not allowing the state to bully them. Please look at links to see just some of the things Martin and his family and hundreds others like them have gone through and are still going through. Lets stand together and unite against this bullying and wear them down tactics so frequently used by the system. Martin was going to come on Dark City before but was in hospital due to the fact he has a terminal illness this man will not give in to bullying and will stand strong in his truth RESPECT

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