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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Afghan Mona Lisa

Afghan women are fearless
Afghan women are free spirited
Afghan women are valiant
Afghan women are brave.
Time and time again
Afghan woman have stood up against domination
Afghan women have exhibited their will to stand up for their inherent nonconformity
Free of judgments’
Time and time again
Afghan women have exposed their will for liberty
Breaking the ceremonial adherence handed down to them
Afghan women devotedly have sustained their emancipated spirit.
Afghan women are uninhibited nomads,
Defiant of restrictions and boundaries
Afghan women are free spirits roaming mundane spaces
Unacquainted to moment in time
Unaccustomed to a given place
Afghan women are brave spirits inside the physical from of a woman,
Their brave souls manifesting the power of a lioness
A feature non can annihilate.

Afghan women possess an eternal aptitude
Breathed unto them by the Divine as an everlasting token of love.
Anosha Zereh 

The Afghan Mona Lisa

Picture of Brave Afghan Women by Storaazai
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