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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

John Legend: "I Write Because..."

Sign up to Write For Rights today: http://amnestyusa.org/Write4Rights

Award-winning singer/songwriter John Legend has joined Amnesty International USA as part of its annual Write for Rights campaign.

Planned every year around Human Rights Day, December 10, the letters and messages generated by the campaign have had an enormous impact. Last year alone, over 2 million actions were taken on behalf of 10 individuals and cases. 

This year’s Write for Rights cases include Chelsea Manning, victims of gun violence in the USA and Brazil, and women and girls of El Salvador impacted by the country’s abortion ban. Write for Rights participants can write directly to these individuals to offer encouragement and support.

See all the cases: http://write.amnestyusa.org/cases/

Writing is a transformative experience.
I write songs to express myself.
I write songs to give hope.
I write songs to heal the hurt.
I write because living free from violence is a human right.
I write because I refuse to accept this is ‘just the way it is.’
I write because leaders who let their police forces jail, beat and kill people who are simply, peacefully trying to express themselves need to know the world is watching.
I write because I take injustice personally. Because there are no throwaway lives.
I write because silence feeds violence.
I write because lyrics change music, but letters change lives.

Write a letter. Change a life.
Join me and Amnesty International to Write For Rights.
Go to http://amnestyusa.org/Write4Rights today.

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