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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

"The lover and the Beloved"

"The lover and the Beloved"
In the deception of worldly illusions’
I missed the Door to my existence. 
Imprisoned by the smog of the mind
I became a prisoner of my own ego.
Drowned in the phantom of misery
I cried and ran towards the open desert in search for the One.

It was there,
In the dance of Love
I meet my beloved.
In the morning prayer of salutation
I saw the light of Divinity.
It was there,
In the depth of my heart
I was greeted to the house of God.
I came back to my being,
In the dark alleyways of the night
I accepted the hand of my Beloved.

Rumi uncovers the hidden Truth by asking: “My dear, who are you looking for?The beloved is in the garden of your own home.”
Listen to the words of this wise seer,
Look for your beloved in your inner most being and become a mythical lover.

Dance, pray, and surrender your heart to the beauty of the universe,
Open your self to this infinite Love.
Anosha Zereh

The Afghan Mona Lisa

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