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Sunday, 23 November 2014

#Occupydemocracy return to London Parliament Square

They’ve dubbed it, the return to parliament square. Occupy democracy protesters have once again set up camp just meters from the seat of power, objecting to a political system they feel favors banks, corporations and the very rich. The cost of living in the United Kingdom is on the rise, with austerity measures hitting the working class the hardest.

The protesters here are demanding real democracy, free from corporate control. In the last 3 years debt and inequality have been on the rise coupled with harsher austerity measures and you can feel a real sense of frustration, among those camped here. Much of the anger here at the protest has been directed at the political elite in the UK. Those here believe that the ones who have created the crisis cannot be the ones to solve it. The message here tonight is that, the political parties do not represent them. They feel decisions are made to benefit large corporations and the wealthy while the 99% struggle to get by. The message that unites all the protesters here is a desire to create fundamental political change. The occupation is expected to last till November 23rd.

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