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Monday, 21 October 2013

this day i die

this day i die

“i lay down my life that i may pick it up again for 'i' have the power to do so” ~ the Christed One

there is something here that i must say
this day i die, i die this day

the way i have walked
the way i chose
is no longer life
but experiences
i have collected
over and over again
and again and again
i repeat the lessons

confessing does not
aid nor abet
to get me to
where my life
has not been yet

there are Mountains
i have climbed, yes
and Valleys 'i' have dwelled in
perhaps a bit too long
yet my Soul's Song
has not ended
nor does it need to be amended
to accept the status quo's
of this cyclic cycle
that goes round and round
over and over again

so today 'i' lay down this life
i close my eyes
for i realize
that i do not need new visions
but new eyes
for i realize
that they
must work together as one

i can no longer hold to the past
nor look beyond my “Now-ness”
and give way to this day
where i now stand
where demands
and commands
are meaningful
i could be so full of woe,
but that is not the way
i will go,
for i am “willing” a new way
this day
and it is i . . .”I”
who has the say
not my Mother,
my Father,
my Brother,
my Sister,
my Children,
my Friends,
nor you
and this is my truth

so this day
i lay down my crown
over this life
they told me was mine
for i need to do more
than refine my understanding

nay, i am commanding
an actualization,
a factualization,
a factorization,
with the realization
that i am the prefect
of all that is perfect
and that is 'i'
and you, and you
but i can not tell you what to do

i am taking the bushel off of my Candle
that i may shine
not only in my mind
but in my Soul
as i was told to do
by my Greater Soul

so this day i die
for i can not deny
any longer
nor can i vie
to be pleasing
in thy finite sight
i must simply walk aright
through my own night
to my new Dawn
to my everlasting day

the shadows of unrealized dreams
and minimized
self esteem
will no longer haunt me
and i am not daunted by
what may appear
for i am a part of a whole
that is yet unseen

i am that mustard seed
that has a need
to realize it's fruit,
so i will plant my self
in the Cosmic Soup
and be nurtured
and cared for
by the Hands of the Master Gardener
and i shall Bud
and Bloom,
and Blossom
without end,
and that can only be
when i let go
of the 'illusory' me
and come to be
that which i have always been

so . .. this day i die

(c) 20 October 2013 : william s. peters, sr.

World Healing ~ World Peace
Poetry 2014

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