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Thursday, 31 October 2013


City College students marched through the streets of Hamilton Heights (HARLEM)   on Monday, Oct. 28 to protest the closure of the Morales/Shakur Center. 
City College Students Demand Return of Community Space 
<p>City College students marched through the streets of Hamilton Heights&nbsp; on Monday, Oct. 28 to protest the closure of the Morales/Shakur Center.</p>
City College Protest Leaders Suspended
Khalil Vasquez, 22, right, a senior and Tafadar Sourov, 19, a sophomore, say they were intercepted by campus police and an NYPD officer as they attempted to attend class Monday morning and told they were no longer allowed on campus following last week's protests over the closure of the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Student and Community Center on the third floor of the North Academic Center at 138th Street and Convent Avenue.
Tafadar Sourov:  (THE YOUNG MAN TO THE LEFT IN PIC) "The Morales Shakur Community Center was a place I visited in high school, and seeing that there was a revolutionary space connecting students to the community was what made me decide to come to City College. Today, the administration is coming down on me hard for being a leader in the struggle for a liberated CUNY, but I still believe in defending our communities and universities from militarization. I believe in struggling to build a new CUNY that is run by the community, the faculty and the students, that is open to everybody. Let us all struggle for democratic control over CUNY, to end militarization and win back the Morales Shakur Center!"

<p>Protests over the sudden closure of the Morales/Shakur Centrt&nbsp; last week continued Monday with students speaking out in front of the Adminsitrative Building before marching through the streets of West Harlem to Broadway. A police car came to escort the crowd of about 50 students as they marched in the streets.</p>
The fight to save the MSCC is much bigger than the space itself. It's not fearing being in campus because a Public Safety officer "might" detain you when you're trying to leave. It's being able to voice your opinion about something your school is doing and you as a taxpayer want some say in. It's about not being silenced when you're a dissenter, at least allow dissenting thoughts to be said. It's about there being more students than security guards when they're not needed. #savemscc #ccnyshutdown

WHO DO THEY SERVE. JUST DOING THEIR JOBS. - "ATTENTION STUDENTS I just witnessed with my own eyes a young man in a white shirt and denim pants ask some security guards questions about why they were shutting off entrances. He was put on the ground and handled physically by FOUR OFFICERS. Each officer was carrying a limb on this man and they were carrying him away. Not holding him while he was walking - but CARRIED away. I haven't been involved with the protests at all but seeing this just igniting something in me. EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW, THIS HAPPENED A HALF HOUR AGO IN THE NAC. 10/28/13 - a confused and angry student."


Free All Political Prisoners!

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