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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Did Scott Richard Connelly die as the result of his racism!

I have received information from some in the North Carolina area involving a stabbing that was fatal which led to the death of Scott Richard Connelly, 42 years old from the Steele Creek area over the weekend. Police arrested Dwight Lemont Burch, 44 years of age.

I have received information that Connelly was racist. He often would be seen getting drunk, using racial epithets, kicking in certain resident doors. I am being old that Scott had no African American friends. According to Burch, he did infact have a altercation with Scott, however he returned back to his hotel room when SCOTT tried to push his way into the hotel room which led to Burch stabbing "Scott" which he later died from the wound.

Despite the fact that police remain to investigate the crime and have reached out to crime stoppers for information about the stabbing of Scott, Burch a African American man has been charged with second degree murder. This has to viewed suspicious in my opinion. WHY? would police arrest and the State's Attorney indict without having all of the facts relevant to this indict.

Those of you who have information about this stabbing I highly suggest that you contact the HOMICIDE UNIT WITH THE CHARLOTTE POLICE DEPARTMENT, Detective Greenly 704-432-8477 or a innocent man could possibly be sent to prison for a long time. How Scott was stabbed seems to fit his profile of forcing his way into people apartments, homes, and hotel rooms.

Please people step up and be the voice for justice!

See Article: http://www.wcnc.com/news/local/1-dead-in-Steele-Creek-area-stabbing-228527061.html?ref=next

Mark A. Clements


  1. I knew Scott for a few years and racist or not, he was a vicious alcoholic and went after anyone he had a beef with. He also used to hang out with Dwight and called him his friend. So I do not believe the incident had anything to do with Race!!!

  2. My father wasn't a racist. The fact that race is even brought up is sad. It seems like everybody uses race as an excuse to do horrible things now. I wish you would take down this disgusting page.