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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Killing Children for Organs, or Organ Theft to Hide Their Murders?

Kendrick Johnson, 17, was found dead in a Georgia high school. Authorities said he was trapped upside down in a high school wrestling mat in January 2013. Kendrick was reported missing by his parents when he didn't come home from school. His body was found the next day in a rolled-up mat in his high school gym. Police said Kendrick apparently fell in while reaching for a shoe and suffocated in the thick padding. Kendrick's family never believed he died accidentally.

Kendirck's parents recently learned their son was buried without his organs. Kendrick's organs were harvested, and his body was stuffed with newspaper. They had Kendrick's body exhumed and examined by an independent medical examiner who identified a wound to Kendrick's neck that indicates murder. WHO HAS KENDRICK'S ORGANS TODAY? Who needed his heart, kidneys, lungs, and other organs? Kendrick is probably not the first black child to be killed and his organs removed. I feel strongly that is why "they" want everybody's DNA. Are American black children's organs being harvested for transplant?
If Kendrick's organs were stolen to transplant, how did thieves know who Kendrick's DNA matched? Do organ thieves have access to our private medical information? Or do organ thieves get any organs they can and then match the recipients later? Once after taking a close relative to a clinic, we started receiving pharmaceutical advertisements in the mail regarding medicines that answer the very problem we consulted the doctor about. For at least two years afterwards, we received invitations to participate in medical studies and medical advertisements in the mail. That undermines patients' belief that their medical records are kept confidential from Big Pharm.
Police offered $10 for mouth swabs and $20 for blood for DNA tests in Alabama earlier this year. Only young people and gullible blacks are so desperate for small change that they would sell their DNA to police. I feel sorry for Alabama black people. After the Tuskegee Experiments, they might have been hoodwinked again. 
The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that police can take DNA samples from persons they arrest. Americans who are indicted and sentenced (some for death) for crimes they deny committing encounter much difficulty getting their DNA tested against the evidence in their cases. Obviously, the justice system is not collecting DNA to eliminate wrongful convictions or wrongful executions. The system says it is to solve crimes, but with security cameras everyplace and NSA listening to every phone conversation and reading every email in America, it is possible to solve most crimes without collecting DNA from people who are driving in Alabama or being arrested in California.
A child may have been killed for his organs in Louisiana in 2011 - Jason Smith, age 14. His father, Bruce Smith, claimed he was killed by KKK members. Read about Jason Smith and hear interviews with his father at the link below. 
Organs from both Kendirck and Jason may have been removed not for transplants, but to cover up their murders. Stealing Jason's lungs made it impossible to prove that he did not drown. This writer knows from personal experience there is no limit on what the injustice system will do to cover up a murder it wants hidden. Officials will collude to hide the murder, then censor, intimidate and persecute family members who seek truth and justice. Google "Wrongful Death of Larry Neal." To see the punishment his family endures to prevent disclosure about his murder, access "Mary Neal's Oppressive Chemtrail and NSA"  at

If organs were removed to cover up murders, one would presume that law enforcement and medical examiners were hiding the murders to protect the killers. Mr. Smith claimed that his son was likely killed by the son of an FBI agent in Louisiana. He said his son was afraid of water and would never voluntarily get on any boat or go swimming. Kendrick was presumably killed by someone at his school - a student, teacher, or administrator. Denise Johnson's son Gregory, another young black man, was killed in November 2008 at San Jose University in his Sigma Chi fraternity house. He was the only black person living there. Police claimed Gregory hung himself, but why and how? Gregory, a promising student who planned a career in sports medicine, was over six feet tall. Yet he supposedly hanged himself in the basement where the ceiling was only six feet high. He had absolutely no ligature marks on his neck to indicate hanging and no bulging, bloodshot eyes or any other indications that he hung. What Gregory did have was a large gash on the back of his head where brain matter was oozing out. His UNMARKED neck was broken so badly that his head nearly fell in his mother's lap when she tried to cradle his body after authorities finally released Gregory's remains. He was murdered after President Obama had been elected president but before he took office in January. Tempers were high during that time period, as racists were not pleased to have a black president. Gregory had dated a Caucasian young woman who was a fellow student. Denise assumes that law enforcement and the medical examiner lied to protect a wealthy, well-connected student who killed her son. Read "The Frat House Murder of Gregory Johnson, Jr.'s Remains Unsolved"

Gregory Johnson, Jr.'s Head Wound

Gregory Johnson, Jr. and a friend

The survivors of covered-up murder victims generally find themselves experiencing retribution for not accepting the authorized version of how their loved ones died, like I do. Jason Smith's father reported that he and another son were chased out of town by a vehicle full of men who he supposed were KKK members when he went to view his young son's body. Denise Johnson said she was censored when she started reporting Gregory's murder online. Neither of them have been through as much as my family has to hide the police kidnapping of Larry Neal, a mentally, physically disabled black man, who was killed on his 18th day of secret arrest in Memphis Shelby County Jail. His murder happened while the jail was operating under the United States Department of Justice's direct overview after a lawsuit was filed by the United States for inmate abuse. Officials at the USDOJ colluded with Shelby County officials and The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm to expunge Larry's name from any official documents the jail filed related to its federal overview, and they excluded Larry's secret arrest and murder from the jail's federal release hearings. Those are very serious crimes, and it seemed easier to isolate, persecute, intimidate, and censor Larry Neal's survivors than to investigate and prosecute government officials and the law firm that regularly defrauds black families coast to coast while misusing Johnnie Cochran's name.
About the death of Kendrick Johnson, an Associated Press report at the link below states:

"I feel outraged about them stuffing my son's body with newspaper," Jaquelyn Johnson said.

Benjamin Crump, the lawyer who helped focus national attention on the 2012 shooting death of Martin by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, said the discovery raises questions about why Johnson's organs went missing and couldn't be examined in the follow-up autopsy the family requested.

"When you think about it logically, it seems to be some kind of conspiracy to conceal the truth about what happened to Kendrick and who did it to him," Crump said.

Rest in peace, Kendrick Johnson. Another Stolen Life.

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