Hello - Tere, My dear family - friends --
     October 21, 2013.  On this day, 731 days ago, my dear son Ricky, died.  For those of us who share his blood, for those who shared his friendship, for those who shared some of the short time with him on this earth... for all of us who liked him, cared for him, loved him and just enjoyed his company, take some moments today, to remember and honor Rick - Michael - Ricky chan.
     I don't have any real idea of what to say or do, suggest or request.  That horrible October 21st, 2011 friday, was and will remain the saddest and worst moment of my life.  It was the day my heart was fundamentally torn.  Days and now even 2 years have gone on.  So take a little time to hold Rick close.  I will fast and sit-meditate with the love of and for my son today.  Take care of yourself and those close to you.     dynamic peace and justice, jaan
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