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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Celebration and Transformation of A Survivor

My life is not about where I've been but it's about where I am going.

I don't let others determine my worth for I know that being who I am is what makes me so beautiful.

I am strong because I have found the courage to be brave by living my life again.

I found the courage to be brave by overcoming the obstacles and challenges life threw at me.

I overcame the hard times because I was brave enough to rise above the ashes of the past.

I rose above the ashes of the past by having faith that I could have a better life, one of happiness and love that I deserve.

I discovered the power of having faith when I held onto the hope that I could make my dreams come true and turn my life into what I want it to be.

I held onto that hope when I began to believe in myself.

I began to believe in myself when I started to love and accept myself again.

I gained back and renewed confidence in myself through loving and accepting myself and not using labels such as broken, damaged, and shattered to define me.

I became fearless through having confidence and thus started to see that there is nothing ordinary about me for everything about me is what makes me extraordinary.

My fearlessness has led me to become victorious in the battles I have fought, thus helping me take back control of my life.

Through every victory gained I mark another milestone in my life that deserves to be celebrated.

Every milestone passed is another way of showing me that I have accomplished and achieved yet another dream.

Each dream I make happen and turn into reality comes from the passion I have for living life to the fullest.

The passion I have for living my life is a result of the will in me to never give up or surrender being ignited from the fight I have left in me to keep on surviving and to make something more of this life.

That will in me to keep going grew within me through every experience lived and every lesson learned from everything I've been through.

Every experience lived and every lesson learned along the way has motivated me to push forward and move on, showing me that even the most fragile parts of me remain unbreakable for I have found my way out from the darkness and into the light.

What I have learned through all this is that as a survivor and as a thriver, I am extraordinary because I am unique and I am unique because I am beautiful and I am beautiful because of who I was born to be and meant to be in this life I've been given and I am someone worth celebrating as are all the moments that have helped to impact my life, helped me to change and become a better person, and helped me to see who I really am by helping me see that all the strength, courage, determination and bravery has always been there inside of me.

-Jenna Kandyce Linch

'Celebration and Transformation of A Survivor' Copyright (c) Jenna Kandyce Linch

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